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Topnetworkersgroup was started in 2010, After a short stint reunited with business partners that I began my MLM Career with in 1999. I decided to break away and form my own team. It was clear to me that we were entering into the 5th wave of Network Marketing. This is an era that the author, Richard Poe wrote about in his book, Wave 4, Network Marketing in the 21st Century. This is an excellent book, and now a MUST READ for anyone who chooses to partner with Topnetworkersgroup. The book details the rich history of the industry that we are seeking to benefit from.

We are a team of professionals and we don't take that lightly.

Topnetworkersgroup was started with that mission: To create professional Network Marketers.


We're still very much committed To that mission. That is one reason why we not only recommend the GDI Opportunity - but use the WordPress blog that they provide With membership. As you can see - this tool is what you're looking for with your Online marketing needs. SEO is a huge part of 'why' we use this platform. To understand that fully, you'll need to be working with our team. You'll need to make the commitment to becoming a professional who understands all the 'jargon'. More importantly you'll need to be serious about gaining skills to be successful.

TopNetworkersGroup will also provide you with Tools. You Must Bring the Desire.

We build marketing funnels, and landing pages for our teams to use.  For example, you're invited to take a look at a true web-viewing experience - the $10 into $10,000 Presentation - which highlights the tremendous opportunity that lies before us. You and I can turn a $10 monthly investment, into $10,000 per month in residual income.

What's even more exciting than that is we don't stop there. We diversify because we're intelligent marketers.

Our 2nd book, also required reading is Multiple Streams of Income, by Robert G. Allen. We feel that even though this book is not 'entirely' about network marketing, it does lay out the way of thinking that our business partners need to have. We want to create stable incomes for ourselves, in an industry that is 'seemingly' becoming more unstable every single day. Topnetworkersgroup is going to be that team who helps others attain stable income. You have the 'chance' to be part of us.

You're going to have to be more than willing to read, grow & improve.

Our main Bookstore is here; and you can pick up 2 of the books I mentioned. There is a 3rd book that is also required, also listed - but get in touch with me today and I'll tell you which one it is.