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Social Network Marketing That Pays

How Interested are you in Social Network Marketing That Pays?

Where on a scale of 1-10 would you rate your level of interest at when it comes to social network marketing?

Do you even know what this means?


The vast majority of network marketers I've met in the past 5 years have no 'real' idea of what social networking actually entails. The majority of people just think this is a numbers game. So they are steadily going through people like numbers, and failing to do the ONE Thing that they should be doing with all these huge numbers of people...

It's really simple and it's hiding in plain sight. People using social networking sites, and especially those of you who should be spending your time ON these sites engaged in Social Network Marketing; simply forget how important it is to be social. As I said it's hiding in plain sight. It's right under most people's noses.

Let's break Social Network Marketing down Further

In a recent report that focuses on the present and future of social network marketing examines just about all aspects of this Growing industry. That's right, this Is an industry all by itself and with over 800 social networks to choose from it's important to know what you are doing. First and foremost, please understand that the idea of Social Network Marketing stems almost directly from Word of Mouth Marketing; this has been one of the most effective methods of moving a product from the warehouse to the consumers doorstep. When someone we know talks positively about a product, a service, a vacation, or any experience - it increases the likelihood of us spending our money on that same experience.

Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, TSU, Pinterest, Instagram and several others, Marketing has found a whole new pond to swim in. Most people are constantly talking about what they love, what they hate, and it's prime pickings for agencies which practice social network marketing to figure out what and who to advertise to. But it's important to understand that we are talking about a diverse industry with big time, and small time players in it.

When we come to understand just how much money is being generated from Social Networks; That's when we'll start to truly embrace using a Social Network That Pays us to post our thoughts; on the various brands we like or don't like. Because that's truly what's driving MOST of the money, in the big time players arena.  Network Marketers on the other hand fall into the small time players category. That's nothing to be ashamed of though.

A savvy network marketer SHOULD be using the power of these social networking mediums to grow their lists of contacts; and build strong relationships with people who can potentially become powerful business partners.  Opportunity is literally all around us, but do we recognize it when we see it?  Do we really and truly take advantage of opportunity when it's presented to us??

Something to think about.

Back to how Social Network Marketing can Pay You...

If you know what you are doing, socializing can pay off. Most people view socializing as a waste of time; The truth is time is only wasted, when we waste it.

Essentially, the 'small time players' need to pay closer attention to what the big time players are doing on social networking sites. The big time players are gathering information on all the people using social networking sites. Then they know who likes expensive stuff, who likes to save money, and who's some where in between. How well do YOU as a network marketer KNOW the people you are 'networking' with?  Do you spend any time at all reading what they post on their pages? OR do you only use social networks to talk about your self?

One of those activities = Socializing.

The other one, is not.

In Social Networking For Money (A Free Training from TopNetworkersGroup) I go over the 5 Things you should be doing on social networking sites!


Basically, if you aren't DOING these things, you're not going to be making much money with your network marketing business. You're also going to fail at taking advantage of the huge opportunity that presents itself to you via the awesome and dynamic platforms, that we call social networking sites. The report cited states a prediction that these sites will grow 20.11% between now, and 2019. In other words, this is a trend, that isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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Remove The Report Button from TSU, Twitter, and YouTube

I want to remove the report button from TSU, Twitter, Youtube and similar social networks - because of False Flagging.

*** I have since written a sad article, about TSU Shutting down. I really feel that because they did not listen to this sound advice, their good idea, quickly went Donw the drain as people abandoned the network.  It became boring, mundane, and wasn't 'private' enough; while too many people found their accounts in danger.....

Once again - Tsu has shut down it's opportunity Please read the following TNG post -

TSU Closes Down: The Social Network Experiment Ends

Visit to Sign up for our Email List and to work with My team.

The rest of the Original article is below.

False Flagging is a major issue on social networking websites. If there is one thing that Facebook got right, they really made sure that everyone and their baby daddy didn't have access to what you share. Other social networks are much more 'open' and have far less privacy. Sites like Twitter, YouTube, and the new social network TSU which is less than a year old, are all far more open.

Even sites like Google+ are open to the public, and anyone passing by can leave a comment, or worse yet - report what you've shared.

We're living in a time when people are inundated with information overload. So when I hear people talking about topics like Cyber bullying, I am often shocked at how many people have no clue what that term means. To take it a step further, when I hear reports in the news of kids complaining of bullying at school - kids don't know what the word Bullying means either!

So please allow me to explain just a few things to you - and I'll finish this up nicely by explaining why I need your help to Remove the Report Button from TSU, Twitter and YouTube.

Let's start with the meaning of Bullying, and then you'll understand what Cyber bullying means - and how it fits into the False Flagging epidemic that is a Major issue online.

A bully, is the kid in school who is bigger and stronger than everyone else.

Debo from Friday was a Bully in the South Central, Los Angeles neighborhood depicted in the film.

In this famous scene, Debo refuses to give back a bicycle to its rightful owner.

Nevermind the famous Chris Tucker line at the end; that's simply a good example of people Laughing at someone who just got bullied.

Pay attention to the dude on the ground --- who got Knocked Out.

That is what bullying means ladies and gents (reading this) ---

It's when someone bigger and stronger than you - knocks you out - and there is nothing you can do about it.

When I hear reports in the media of kids who commit suicide because people at school 'made fun of them' and they relate it to Bullying - I immediately realize that our society is not as Intelligent as it used to be.  People who make fun of others are not bullying others; sticks and stones can break my bones but WORDS cannot hurt me. Actions can hurt me though - or anyone for that matter.

This is where Cyber Bullying comes in.

Once again, as you can see the problem here - too many people have come to believe that Cyber Bullying is making fun of others.

Telling jokes does not harm other people - if their feelings are hurt, they should learn how to tell Jokes so that they can Give others a taste of their own medicine.

There's no way to give Debo a taste of his own medicine unless you've got his size and strength.

Or, unless you pick up a BRICK and hit him upside the head with it; which those of you who've seen the Classic Comedy film Friday understand.

On social media, the real cyber bullies are the Troll Gangs that abuse report buttons; false flagging posts as violations of the Terms of Service (TOS) - in order to inflict harm on the account user.  That user could be within the rules of the TOS however, the social network is set up in such a way that if that account is Reported 15 times, 25 times ,or 50 times; the account will be punished.


And THERE Is usually Nothing that User can do about it.

Most Social Networks like Twitter and YouTube (owned by Google) have THIS problem; but these companies are so BIG now that they do not take the time to READ emails sent by users who's accounts have been Terminated, or Suspended - due to false flagging.

That brings me to why I'm putting this blog post together.

Anyone following TNG knows about the new social network we're excited about; which pays us for our posts and our contribution to their social network. We, the users of social networking sites, generate billions of dollars annually for these companies. It all comes from Ad Revenue and just when we get a social network who Understands this; and finds a way to reward users for what they bring to that network; the False Flagging problem shows it's dirty head.

Sadly - this problem is also tied directly to Racism Online.

Black Content creators and outspoken voices on Social Networks often face issues of False Flagging; attempts from Troll Gangs; mostly non-Black - who want to censor those black voices.

Black people face ridiculous amounts of racism online where the culprits enjoy the comforts of anonymity - and the safety of hiding behind a keyboard.

Which is why it is more than disappointing, that these kinds of Troll Gangs are clearly present on the new network, TSU.

I've had several posts removed from TSU which were not in violation of the TOS.

I wrote an Email to their support which I'll show you below. I also wrote a post ON TSU explaining my displeasure; and included a photo.

All of this has taken up Hours of my time; that could have been put on something else; and perhaps that is a 'goal' of racist people - they know their bully level activities frustrate black people; So much of racism, is not about saying the N word; and it's more about the actions that people DO on a day to day basis; to make life harder for blacks than it needs to be.

However, I realize that all things happen for a reason; and perhaps THIS was more important.

Perhaps THIS post needed to be made; perhaps this Image needed to be Created. #RemoveTheReportButton


No weapons formed against me Shall Prosper.

Below is the text of my 'response' to having the post shown in the image above, removed.

That 'how I use TSU' Post --- was reported -- I told you there are people on here Abusing the Report Button @CloudExplorer -- this is why I was dead set against it months ago when it first came up; and it's the only reason why I'm tagging you because I remember we debated, respectfully, on this issue.

This was before they added the report button; I could foresee abuse on the horizon; because I've been using the internet for a long, long time. and I've seen people abuse it on just about 100% of the sites that have one; (Twitter, and Youtube Included) - the report button in the hands of the public is always a issue....

TSU should've stuck to the Block Button. The Report Button is being abused;

if anyone saw my post a minute ago about how I use TSU; no where in there did I Speak about making money. So why was it reported?

Why was it taken down?

#RemoveTheReportButton - The people on this network don't know how to be Adults @tsu @Sebastian -- this is the 2nd post this week that was reported and removed that wasn't in violation; and I've had several people come to me and tell me they were falsely reported off of tsu; this is not okay.

I realize the purpose of the report button - and understand using a robot to admin the site; however --- when you have people on this network who think it's their job to go around Policing the Site; Reporting what they like and who they do not like; It becomes a game of Bias.

It becomes a system that allows "groups of people" - to censor and even bully Others who are not working in 'groups' on TSU; they can Silence people who are saying things they do not want to be said.

I'm black and outspoken on what is happening to black people. So it's not a 'wild theory' to me to believe that racist people are USING This network; like they do on OTHER social networks; and are #FalseFlagging posts.

I'm one of the most avid Supporters of this network; I've referred over 50 people personally to this network; and many of My people have Referred others as well; My network of Referrals is close to 1,000 People at this point; and I am Not allowed to Post what I want to Post to MY Diary on TSU????

Attached is the POST in Question; This is a very serious matter that needs to be addressed. TSU is too young of a network to allow this kind of abuse of the report button to go on (without punishment for false flagging posts) --- The button must be removed from the network.

OR people misusing the report button WILL Ruin this Site; this network; and this opportunity for all involved. People should be Allowed to share 'whatever they want to share' on their Diary; So long as it's not violating the Laws of the Land we Live in. If people do not want to "SEE" Something; they need to be an adult and NOT look at it. Children tattle tell - and unless someone is going around harming others, everyone should have the Right to Privacy on their Own wall/diary ---- this cannot continue to be a site where people's posts are at "RISK" of being removed, simply because a handful of power hungry children  do not like what that user is posting on "Their wall" ...........

Is that the kind of social network this is going to be?

(now p.s. --- I know the protocol. I'll contact support. Show them the same post I'm showing you - I'm pushing this to FB; I might even blog about it --- because this is an Urgent Matter. and the USERS of TSU cannot be treated this way. )

Unless that's really the kinda site this is going to be.

Racism as the President of the United States said on a recent radio show, is not about people 'saying the N word' - Racism is as subtle as a group of people who are not black; working together to Report black people's posts on social networks whom THEY DO not like; and if they have the Numbers; they have the power to cause harm. These are known as #emobs and #trollgangs for the uninitiated. I am not  new to the internet. Do not Empower racists and abusive bullies by giving them Weapons!

remove the report button.


The block button is more than enough.

From The Original Post @

The person I addressed in this post, responded by saying he does not believe racism happens online.

I won't lie I was disappointed in that response.

However not all black people are as outspoken on race and racism as I am.

So I understood his position and perspective.

Below is some 'original content' I put together to promote TSU --- along with this website that has tons of Information on this social network that pays!


I'm a BIG fan and avid supporter of TSU, however ....

If TSU is going to last it cannot allow it's members to be treated this way by other members.

Last time this happened I emailed support. They saw it was an error and fixed it with no fuss.

I wont' share the email I sent to them; but I do expect them to fix this error as well.

It's the principle however.

I am not interested in taking time out of my day, to email support over false flagged posts.

To quote sweet Georgia Brown; Nobody got Time fo Dat!

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Why YouTube does Nothing about False Flagging

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These same sentiments on YouTube - is how I feel about TSU.

Remove the Report Button ....... asap.