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The Larry Brown of MLM on Real Leaders in MLM

I've been making several posts on social media outlets as of late, under the hashtag #FollowARealLeader - and since I'm always talking about 'the right way' to approach MLM, I started calling myself the Larry Brown of MLM, who preaches to all of his teams the importance of playing basketball 'the right way'. When you do things the right way he says, you give yourself a chance to win. Don't you want to WIN in your MLM profession?

If so, then you need to pay close attention to what We are talking about and not wait for someone else to tell you.

Real Leaders in MLM are going to Adjust with the TIMES we are living in; as Society changes you and I must change as well.

I wrote a post earlier today that I want to share with you - in it's full context - and then I have a few more thoughts to share with you, near the end of this first post.

I never RUSH To add new programs into the 1mlmsystem; people often approach me with opportunities because they See me talking up Multiple Streams; and they want to have me add Their program to my system; which I get ... Self Interests and all ...But see, MLM is about 'other people's interest.

The problem with so many 'leaders' in the industry at this moment is that it's all about Self Interests; it's "off the foundation" ... which; to be honest; has always been a real challenge for this industry; MLM has been under Scrutiny since it's Inception ... and because of the FREENESS - it's just as easy for people without morals to abuse; as any other industry in our already corrupt society.

But.... Personal Growth and Self Improvement though ...

which The Real Fake Leaders will Openly Mock; and Make Fun Of; because "improving people" isn't a concern; Remember ......... Self Interests and all...

They're not interested in Using a Business; To Get people to become Better people; Which would lead to a better Society; where .... more people are actually More Knowledgeable - They just want to make money OFF of Other people; almost like "Leaches" ........

But back to Opportunities; there's so many good ones out there; and some times NEW opportunities look VERY good; but the chances of me 'rushing' to throw a new program into the 1mlmsystem; are Slim and None.

I tried to explain this to a business partner or two; With a New opportunity that came out around the same time as the 1mlmsystem; I liked it; I got involved; I promoted it; I used it; and still use it to this day; BUT ........ that company went through a LOT of turmoil; a LOT of changes; and a LOT of people are no longer involved with it today; because it's an entirely Different Opportunity now than it was then; which is why I waited about 6 months before adding it to the system; (because honestly, 6 months in it looked to be going the right direction....) --- but, by the time 2015 rolled around; (as I mentioned, due to the changes in the opportunity) - It's no longer on our Shelf; I still use it though...

I just don't promote it.

It's still a good opportunity too; but it's not really 'for the masses' ---

It's good for those who Make real good money right now; and have a network of friends and family who Make Real good money - AND have a business mind to Pool that Money Together; and do something 'as a team' ....

Which is why it's not ... "for the masses" ......

(I keep it real here) ...

I don't rush to add Opportunities to the 1mlmsystem; TSU might make it in there some day; I really like it; I think it has potential to be around for a few years; possibly more than that 'if' people actually wake up and see what's going on; which may or may not happen; No fortune tellers here .....

However it has a good chance; because it's something that is useful; which is what all our opportunities have in common; each one - serves a purpose - whether you are a customer - or a Team Member looking to actively build an organization, within our organization....

Our Opportunities are No Risk; and Low risk; With High Value - "if" you use what's given to you to use through these programs; however that does not mean they are the 'best programs in the world' --- Because We are Professionals here; and We understand that Programs do not Matter -- Not really; not in the Big Picture; It's those Relationships that all the false leaders and false prophets keep running away from; OR worse yet; are Phoney with ...

You know, they pretend to like you and pretend to care; But they'll sign up one of your 2nd level Leaders in a Side Opportunity; and act like it's all good; They'll Recruit your leaders into Different businesses; and try to pull folks apart; rather than Look for ways to Lift everyone Up; and Keep everyone Together - because those Networks Matter; and there are no Networks, without Real Relationships ...

Which is what our system Teaches people; not everyone follows the teachings - Just like not everyone who goes to Church Every Sunday is actually Following what is Taught in the Bible they Thump throughout the Week .....

Just as not everyone to BUYS a Book on "how to" do something; follows the Instructions of How to do it... Just as not everyone who goes to college listens to the Teacher - or applies what they were Taught; to the Tests ....

My System is Perfect.

Anyone who doubts it - I promise has Never Signed up; and Looked Inside; they've sat in the stands like a Fan who's never been on the Field; and leveled their Criticism - because that's always EASY To do; It's easy to NOT sign up and say something won't work; than roll up your sleeves and work with people to PROVE that it does work; Our system is a 'baby' in the Bigger picture of business....

Rolled it out in 2012; on December 21st ...

At the END of this year; The 1mlmsystem will be 3 years Old.

We have No Debt.

We Never have to Worry about Payroll; Companies do that for us;

We have No FEES (those who don't follow the system; end up coming out of pocket; because they are too hard headed (aka too smart) to use the Free Level to GENERATE money; so they can use the $10 level to generate more money; So they can use the $50 level to generate more money ... so they can use the $100 level to generate more money... because they are too smart ... (aka hard headed) - to follow the system ...

The system is put together by a guy, who has over 15 years of experience in MLM; who has read all "THE" books ... and has learned from ALL of The Master Teachers --- This system has everything Everyone Needs; and the ONLY ones who say it doesn't; - are the ones who've never been inside -

You know what they say if you can't take a joke right? -- Well this page was made for you :::

It's a comical approach to getting a Serious Message Across.

TOO Many people in MLM are doing it wrong.

Come learn 'the right way' ...

Al King, CEO and Founder of TopnetworkersGroup
Chief Educational Officer for the 1mlmsystem
"The Larry Brown of MLM" ....


You have to approach mlm the right way; Real Leaders in MLM are going to tell you what is happening, while the ones who are just trying to make money off of others, have no idea what is happening. They'd rather do what's easy to do, and that's make a few dollars for a few months, or a few years. They don't concern themselves with the long term...  Most people are getting disillusioned because they work with these kinds of people - and it's damaging the credibility of our industry.

Our Invitation to you, is an invitation to be part of a movement to restore greatness to our Industry - while making it better; and more profitable; for more people in it.

the 1mlmsystem teaches people to treat MLM with respect because this is a profession, not a hobby

We have been talking about professional money since we rolled out the One MLM System - which I feel surpasses other systems out there; but naturally I am bias. Meanwhile the people who talk against our system, have never been inside. The people who signed up, and didn't make money with our system - Never followed our system. All they did was sign up. It's easy to submit an email and a name to get access to a system. USING a system is a whole 'nother thing entirely.

That being said, the Larry Brown of MLM is here to tell you, that our system is The Right way to approach making money in MLM - in this, the 5th wave of our Industry.

Read more about the 5th wave below:

You can also read more about our views on this Industry in related articles


Thanks for stopping by,

Reach out if you need me to help you with your approach to making money in this industry...

The Larry Brown of MLM 😉



UOP Leaders Terminated from DSD

Earlier today I found out 2 top UOP Leaders Terminated from DSDomination made a recording of their conference call, explaining what happened to them. I'm going to share the full audio with you right now. There were several things said by these two leaders, that did not sit right with me. But one Main thing especially stood out!

That #TeamOverCompany comment at the end of that UOP call; It made me feel some type a way; because that's MY buzzword; and when I see fake leaders who have been talking up company over team; for more than a year - use My buzzword; when I know some of them are subscribed to my YouTube Channel; and I know I'm the only dude talking about that; It's a little bothersome.

I know that this sounds like insults to some people; but I cannot worry about that. I can only worry about honesty - and being honest; and being Truthful. That is my only concern.

I will not be following UOP into anything else.

I know there may be people who think some of my comments are Negative; Negative has to do with a persons Belief system; Not with whether you like what they had to say. A Negative person does not believe good is possible; They do not believe racism can end; They do not believe they can be successful; They don't believe others can succeed; Negative People have Negative Belief Systems.

You won't find me speaking on whether or not the leaders of UOP will make money;

They will make money.

But just as most of their people were struggling to make money (which they mentioned on the call) - their people will continue to struggle to make money; because it's the same people, with the same approach to MLM.

They're going to find something; Sell you on Focusing Only on That; and the people at the top will make money; The rest of you; will continue to do what people in MLM have been doing - for far too long; Not making a full time income.

Again; This is not negative; This is a fact; Go look it up. A very small % of people in MLM make a full time income; nevermind 'wealth' - and so how are we ever going to convince people working a Job; that MLM is a better way?

More Articles from TNG - on "Team Over Comapny" -

I even made a video from July 2014 - Titled "Team Over Company"

So... What those 'leaders' said on that call Made me feel some type a way. The UOP Leaders Terminated from DSD have been making it about DSD for more than a year - and now that they've been terminated, they want to switch the message? I'm okay with learning - but where is the honesty? Where is the shout out to the Leader you GOT the idea from?

For those of you following fake leaders - You are not only hurting yourselves; you are hurting our industry - You are the reason we have Homeless Cats - because You won't watch the Presentation for the One MLM System; to see what we have been saying to leaders like the ones from UOP who got terminated; and so so many others; since 2012 when we rolled the system out. All because someone else has more influence with you - in his book, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership", John C. Maxwell said it best.

Leadership is Influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Not all 'leaders' are influencing people in a good direction for those people.

Just because someone has influence over you does not mean they have your best interest in mind.

If they cared about the people following them; The UOP Leaders terminated by DSD would've shared many of the insights they shared on that call; before being terminated by DSD.

Their revelations come off more as anger and resentment; while their usage of OUR SLOGAN comes off as Disingenuous - let along Disrespectful to the leader they got the idea and concept from in the first place.

Yet, sadly this is the MLM Industry; not because MLM is flawed.

People are flawed.

People do shady things;

People steal ideas and concepts; and slogans;

People copy other people and don't give those people props; because people are people.

.... and Dr. Bernard Lee, one of my early mentors in this industry; Told me and several others to always remember one thing about people. People are Crazy.

Anyone who works with Copies; instead of The Original - isn't sane.

But, if you're following someone who doesn't have your best interest in mind to begin with; anything can and will happen to you. Because.... leadership is influence afterall. Nothing more; nothing less.