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5 Ways Group Economics Will Help Black America (Intro)

For several years now it has been known that group economics is the solution to a major problem facing black America. The poverty rate in the black community is higher than any other community. Without ignoring all of the troubles and problems created in the past, we thought it would be helpful to talk solutions.

Real solutions almost start and end with group economics.

There are several people out there talking about the ideas that they feel matter but, just as the bible states, money would answer most of the problems people of color face today.

So let's get into 5 Ways Group Economics will Help Black America

First, the proof that this will work for us.

Black America is behind almost every other ethnic community in the nation, when it comes to progress from a financial perspective. It’s hard to ignore the role that a lack of unity has played in the lack of financial success. Black people have to willingly participate in financially supporting black businesses. By not even considering where black dollars are being spent, far too much money leaves the black community. This is unique. Other ethnic groups (minorities) such as West Indians, Arabs, Asians and Jews are all evidence of the financial benefits of this approach.

The African American community is much larger than these groups (just over 40 million) - but do not consciously practice group economics. These other groups do.

Imagine what would happen to black America if let’s just say 10-25% began to practice group economics (roughly over 4 million people... ) - What Good Could They Do for the rest of the race?

By examining those other smaller minority groups we see that they are flourishing.

Many of them are still connected to their cultural roots – which African Americas have largely been disconnected from while living in this society. However, that too could lead to re-educating black people about their heritage, while self-funding that effort. This is after all what the other ethic groups do.

Group Economics allows an ethic group to Create their own infrastructure and institutions which will provide support to their race. This kind of movement would spur a feeling of pride to be part of the African American community; a sense of pride which was also taken away through slavery and years of propaganda through white owned media outlets. These negative images have negative impacts on people of color. Taking serious steps to economically empower each other will only lead to more positive images of black people in American society.

So far, I've already covered a few ways Group Economics will Help Black America.

  1. Help Restore a Sense of Pride That Was Taken
  2. Enable Black America to Support Themselves
  3. Create Positive Images of Black People In Society
  4. (not mentioned yet) Reduce The Crime Rate In Black America
  5. (and also) Legally Protect Black America from Racism

It is important to understand that 'racism' is systematic. Group Economics is actually the answer to protecting black people from the system; which was actually created to target and benefit from all the problems which stem from poverty.  Group Economics has been addressed by several leaders and intellectuals within the black community.

Dr. Claude Anderson on Group Economic Empowerment dr martin luther  king on group economics

Dr. Claude Anderson has spoken on this topic multiple times; and you can see his detailed thoughts in two different places. Listen to a shorter (to the point) blueprint of how to empower the black community, through group economics. You can also listen to a longer speech that he gave to a group of black business owners on economic empowerment a few years ago.

Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King speak on the need to practice Group Economics.

Stay tuned, as we are going to break down each of the 5 ways group economics will help black America. Taking on the poverty rate is one of our missions with TopNetworkersGroup. Thanks for stopping by, and check back soon for much more!