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Updated our Roadside Opportunity Website

Many of you are looking for roadside opportunity information. Some are looking for the good reviews while others are in search of the bad! It has to be a scam afterall, how can they afford to pay anyone double per sign up?!? That was my question when I first saw this Roadside Opportunity several years ago. Then it was explained to me that when you and I sign up, paying $40 - we are paying for our First and Last bill. Also, in what 'may' be seen as a gotcha, the company will collect that $80 sign up bonus back from you, if a new customer decides not to keep the service before 3 months.  So basically, the money is paid out to you and I, because the company is banking on having that new customer for 12 months or more. They have been around for 80+ years, so it's all a part of doing business with their customer acquisition arm (that's you and me). The thing about it is, you or someone you know never knows when they'll need roadside assistance. So even if someone 'has it' through another competitor, they don't have the opportunity to get paid.

In business, you and I have to have the right attitude about these things.

I've met so many people who missed out on the opportunity to build big, solid incomes with this company all because they 'didn't like' the idea of chargebacks. A smart business person would simply hold onto that bonus for a few months, just to make sure 'if' a chargeback happens, it won't negatively impact them in any way. Smart business people plan for the ups And the downs of business.

Pros and Cons considered, it's one of the most solid income opportunities that we have seen in the last 20+ years.

As far as roadside opportunity goes, I'm not quite sure the competition measures up very well. Even though I have met people who are very committed to their versions of this opportunity. I'm one of the people who like to go with the original whenever it's possible. Are you that kind of person too?

Listen, we've updated our Roadside Opportunity Website.

A Roadside Opportunity Would Help This GuyA Roadside Opportunity Would Help This Guy

Check it out; it's all about the basics - we provide roadside assistance to people who may need it some day, and we get paid very well to do it.

We're doing all of this, along side a company that's been around doing it for almost a century. Unlike the come and go opportunities we see so often, this one has been around.

Through Topnetworkersgroup, we placed this roadside opportunity on our $50 level. We figure that if you're alright with running a business for as little as $50 per month, you should be able to GROW a successful business here. If you'll keep your task simple and look for just 5 people to partner up with you. Doing the math, that's a quick $400 you would make out the gate. Now if you'll spend your time helping your 5 people make $400 each; you're going to be off to a great start!

You'll have 5 business partners who are already making money with this roadside opportunity.  You'll also have plenty of people to help duplicate your results. At it's core, that is what this business model is about. We are here to help one another succeed. We do this, by providing our people with Tools and Training on how to use those tools, So hat they will be successful.

Here on this team, we absolutely recommend Blogging; using our GDI $10 level opportunity to start sharing your experiences building your Roadside Assistance Team!

IF we do it right, we can start taking the money we earn and provide even MORE opportunities for the people who will be filling out the lower levels of our organization.  Because in this kind of business model, the people at the top are only as solid as the foundation.  Take time to learn more about our approach to this business model. Join with us in helping more people make more money in this industry. We believe that this and other opportunities are the perfect programs to help us accomplish our goals. You are invited to be part of our journey!

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MLM Business Model For Black People

You already know by now that I'm an advocate of the MLM business model for Black People.

The MLM business model basically says you can go out and Get 1 million customers for a product or service by yourself, or you can invite a handful of people to go out and get those customers together. Together you can all get a handful of customers, and together you can all get a piece of what those 1 million customers are spending each and every single month. That's the beauty of the MLM Business model, you really and truly are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Unless of course, you're involved with other people who are not focused on the same goal as you.

When it comes to black people, it is obvious that a solution to so many economic problems facing them would be addressed through group economics. However, this requires developing a certain mentality. We would have to want to work together, and help each other.

Some of the left over habits from slavery however, include a sense of strong individualism. It includes not being able to rely on, or trust each other. Over several generations we have come to be a certain kind of people, with very similar ideas. These ideas however, are not the kinds of ideas that will help any of us make the kind of money most of us hope to make. The white system of supremacy was not created with our benefit in mind. While some of us will be able to go to school, and get good jobs, this will not be (and has not been) the reality for most of us.

So WE must be open to alternative ways of earning money....

We also need to think long and hard, about future generations to come.

We need to start putting things in place now, that are patterned after better ideas, now.

So that in the future, our offspring can truly have it better than we - which brings me back, to the MLM business model.

Because, we all know that these are just the highlights on the long list of 'what needs to be done' - but the main question that continues to be asked is, 'how'?

Many people have answers to that question, and what ends up happening is, we debate and debate and debate.

Now is Not the time for debate.

Now is the time, for Action!

For those who do not believe in the MLM business model, that is fine. You can sit on the sidelines and not participate. All we ask is that you do not talk against your brothers and sisters who Are using this model as a way to gather and pool resources together.

What we have decided to do, is take the model itself and apply it to TopNetworkersGroup. We then built a system, that we call the One MLM System @ - to bring all of our ideas under one roof, along with several programs which operate IN the MLM industry. We will be that marketing arm that goes out and gets customers for various companies who, will in turn pay us a piece of what our customers spend each month. As we grow, If we stick together, we can demand higher compensation for our efforts and be positioned with the leverage to have our requests met.

That being said, most black people are not going to stick around long enough to see this happen. Sadly, too many of our people do have a negative outlook on life, and do not believe that anything like this is possible. That lack of belief, that doubt, usually stops us before we can begin.

However, if you're unlike most black people, you could be positioned as one of the Leaders of our organization, as we GROW into a real force within the MLM Industry.

Be sure to Review some of the conversations we're hosting at The Black Folder - and get started with our team as soon as you review everything we have to offer, both now - and into the future.

1mlmsystem presents The black folder (mlm business model applied)

Be Sure To watch The Black Folder presentation (on the page) in order to understand How the MLM Business Model can work For Black people simply by Utilizing our MLM System!

*Update October 26, 2016 - Check out this newest article about a facelift we've given to our One MLM System!