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Working With Leaders

I take pride in working with leaders primarily because I was fortunate enough to have had leaders work with me. Lots of lessons came my way early on - which taught me so many important lessons about working with leaders that will benefit others today.

Being a leader is not easy and it's even harder to lead other leaders. Leaders have minds of their own and that's what makes them leaders. Leaders don't just follow anybody and so, when you get a chance to lead other leaders it's truly an honor. You'll come to discover how true this is, when you find a few followers who have no desire to lead. They'll show up to everything you are doing, but they won't bring anyone else with them.

When you're in the network marketing field it's great to have people who support you. It's great to have people in your organization who will show up to everything. It's better when you have leaders in your organization, because those leaders will bring other people into the organization.

As the leader of leaders you have the difficult task telling people who don't like to be told what to do, what to do. You can only do this, if you are serious about continuing to work on yourself; while aiding in the personal growth and development of your leaders.

If you are, you're going to benefit greatly from what I'm about to share -

Early in my career a master teacher of this topic was shared with me. I found out he was a former Pastor and in books he covered his pastoral career. Leading in the church, has so many similarities to leading in Network Marketing. The people who join a church are not being paid to be there. So the type of leadership that is happening here, is known as Voluntary Leadership; which differs from Positional Leadership.

With Positional Leadership others must do as you say or else there are consequences. This is the case with a job and that describes most employee relationships with their bosses. With Voluntary Leadership you are leading people who volunteered. There isn't the same kind of leverage in this type of organization. The pastor's name I'm speaking of, whom I learned this lesson on Voluntary vs Positional Leadership - is none other than Dr. John C. Maxwell.

I read several of his books on this topic because while I felt I had leadership qualities, I wanted to be better.

I bought into the idea that we attract who we are; so in order to build a better organization with better leaders - I needed to be a better leader myself. This is an idea I share with the people I lead today. The Law of Attraction is more than a theory, and you'll come to find this is true should you embark on this journey of leadership too.

I have continued to work on myself and because of the many experiences I've had in this industry, working with leaders is a true joy. I love helping a leader get to a new level, and absolutely see myself as a lid lifting type of leader. I enjoy helping people believe in themselves more; I get excited about knowing a few words of advice may help someone onto a better more positive path. It's the kind of feeling money really cannot buy, and I hope you get a chance to experience it for yourself.

Here are a few FREE Resources that I share with my leaders; starting with yourself first.

When you are working with leaders, keep in mind that most of them are going to do what they want to do. So I also recommend reading this really great article over on - about becoming the kind of leader other leaders Want to follow. You actually have to be the kind of leader that speaks; and others listen - but to get to that point - it's going to take work!

Here's the great news ... you Can Do it!