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Working Together Is Key in Business

Working Together is the Key to success in business. It's the key in all other areas of life as well. Whether it's sports, or relationships, or even in the workplace - Working together is key!

There is a certain 'teamwork level' that it takes to win, especially in business.

Teamwork makes the dream work. That's not just a catchy phrase it's the truth. Every single example you see of successful businesses, includes teamwork. The higher the level of cooperation the better the results. In sports there are also several examples of this. Talent alone does not win championships. Teamwork wins championships. You do need talent, so it's important to have the people who are right for the job. But you also need an environment where each team member can grow and improve. Not only that, there should be some encouragement coming from each team member. People should root for one another, which is the total opposite of what happens in Corporate America.

At least, most of the time.


Working together isn't always encouraged, especially by those 'at the top' - who often seek to break up groups that naturally come together.

In the corporate role, each job is precious and the level of competition is high!

Often improvement falls directly on the person, and each day they are going up against others who are trying to take their spot.

So oftentimes what we see in the workplace, is what we see happen all the time in human societies. People form teams. People naturally start working in groups to achieve their goals. It's the people who are working alone who always have the most struggle!

Speaking of struggle, for some it really IS a struggle!

There are so many lessons out there on working together, that you already knew it was key when you got here.

Yet, how many examples do we have of those who refuse to work WITH others?

Countless examples...that's how many.

It's crazy that in spite of all the evidence that working together is better there are still people who take the other path.

Corporate America really encourages division, as they seek to maintain control over the employees.

The ones who run those businesses, usually are working together but, do not want their employees doing the same.

They'll work together to ensure that they are winning, while keeping others divided, so they can continue to win.

This is what makes network marketing different. The real message of MLM is, let's work together so that we can all win.

I usually discuss Sports and Business and how much they relate because it's clearest here. Over several decades we have countless examples of how teamwork matters.

When you're looking at the Boston Celtics of the Early NBA, the Showtime Lakers, or the 72 win Bulls, you see talented people working together.

You see them working together within a system that utilizes their talents, encourages ball movement, and puts Team over the Individual.

This is also what we saw from last years Champion, as they've started the 2015-2016 season right where they left off.

That's Working Together, to accomplish their individual goals - as a team.