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This Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Is Inspirational

Dicks Sporting Goods makes a commercial for the Rio Olympics that is So inspirational!

If you're looking for inspirational commercials, have you seen the one from Dicks Sporting Goods yet?

You may be thinking 'which one' - or perhaps you're not even aware that Dicks Sporting Goods even made commercials.  The one I'm referencing is their Rio Olympics commercial about the Gold inside of each of us. Did you know that we are Born with gold flowing through our veins?  Well I didn't know this either. Thanks Dicks Sporting Goods. You don't know how much motivation you've just provided.

Over at I've got an entire section dedicated to talking sports and business.

This commerical from Dicks Sporting Goods fits right in with everything I've been telling the people who work with me. We have to have the right mentality to win in business. Understanding that we each have value, that is intrinsic in nature is so important. When you and I understand how important we are, we'll treat one another with a certain level of importance we otherwise would not. That, to me is what's missing in the world of business.

Basic, Common respect.

Check out The Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Now

The largest Concentration of gold can be found in our hearts.

Think about that for a moment.

The Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial on Gold

Think about how inspirational this commercial has the potential to be, when other people (like you) discover it. Only some of us have what it takes to pull that gold inside of us out. Sometimes, that is because we lack the proper motivation, or focus to do what we need to. In business, we have to stay motivated because we are in a world that is always working against us. We live in a society that seeks to enslave the masses.

If you're not part of that master class, then there is a built in struggle just to survive. Should it be that way?

Should the world be better? Maybe.

Perhaps everything really is as it should be. Then again, maybe that is the challenge before us. Similar to what this commercial from Dicks Sporting Goods is trying to say - we must pull the gold inside of us out. We must put our all on the line, and give all that we can to achieve our goals.

One of my favorite 'motivational speakers' right now, is Eric Thomas.

Apparently Dicks Sporting Goods also enjoys what he has to say and flew some of their employees out to hear from him, right before the Rio Olympics.

Here's a few of his thoughts - on accomplishing our goals!

Motivation is Life!

Whatever you are doing in this moment - Stay Committed to Stay Motivated - Get around good people and stay PLUGGED IN - Get on my Email List; read what I send out; interact with me; Together let's grow your business; and let's grow your life!

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Facts About Gold In The Human Body

It has even more information about the gold that naturally is found inside our bodies. How much gold is inside of you?  What are you willing to do to pull it out of you?