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Honest Review Of From A Steem User

This will be a very honest review of from an actual steem user who isn't all that enthralled with every aspect of it. I'll save that part though because, I don't want the things I dislike to overshadow what I feel is possibly a threat to it's future.  Hold onto your seats for this honest review... starting ... now!

I ran into 'a few months ago', but it was impossible to sign up when I first ran into it. About a month ago, I was finally able to create an account on the network and the timing was great. By the time I got in I knew more about cryptocurrency than I did initially when I backed into the network.  While looking for ways to get paid in cryptocurrency, turned up in my searches.  After I got on and finally began getting familiar with it, I was totally in love with the platform.

That's how I roll though .... I fall in love with brilliant ideas.

I think, that on it's surface that's what is - a brilliant idea in the social networking space. honest review

It's more of a than a Facebook however. is a blogging network and has a very plain set up and your profile is out in the open. There are no privacy settings that would allow you to control who see's your posts. Some of you may view that as a con, and It really can be.  Overall the biggest 'pro' is that it's a great way to 'earn' steem and steem dollars, which are two cryptocurrencies that work together.

So let's get into this Honest Review of - starting with what I like about this platform.

First and foremost, let's discuss what is the biggest 'pro' to - that you can Earn Free Steem.  Simply by sharing content on their platform, you can be rewarded with both steem, and steem dollars (SBD). Both of these have value which 'could' rise in the future.  If your strategy with earning money with cryptocurrencies include buying 'and' holding, earning it for FREE is always great.

There are also No Limits on how much Steem/SBD you can earn on this platform. I think that's great as well because it creates a real opportunity for anyone here. There are also daily payouts if you're posting content daily. It takes about a week for the payouts to start, but if you're consistent you will also be paid consistently.  Another positive aspect of steemit which I really like is it's pretty simple to Withdraw money to an outside wallet.

Now, for some of you who are BRAND NEW to cryptocurrency may have NO IDEA what I'm talking about right now, and that's ok.

As you become more familiar with this new way of using currency, you'll learn how important it is to have wallets, that you can move your coins in and out of.  There is also a lot to learn about privacy, and security as well.  So while this review is just about 'earning cryptocurrency', please be sure to continue learning about every aspect of this new emerging marketplace.

With that, let's get into the things I don' tlike about Steemit, which possibly could harm the future value of this currency.

The value of a cryptocurrency is determined by it's purpose, and just how much support it has.

That won't be any different for Steemit either. The value of Steem and SBD have hovered around $1 to $2.  The All time high for Steem to date is just under $3 .... when we compare that to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (currently over $2,000, but has been as high as $3,000) or Ethereum (currently over $190 which touched $400 briefly) you'll start to see the potential. Could Steem ever be worth $10  or $100??

Sure it can, if the people on don't ruin it first.

Downvoting on Steemit is a major CON for the platform because, people suck.

People are imperfect and bring their imperfections with them online.   This is why allowing 'downvoting' on steemit is a bad idea and hopefully this ability gets removed. The other change that would improve Steemit is to show who is downvoting your posts.  It shows who votes your posts up, but hides who's downvoting them. Why does this matter?

The way you earn steem is through people voting your content up.    The amount of steem you earn is based on who voted for your stuff, as some people have more 'voting power' than others. This voting power is based largely on how much Steem a person holds.   If you have no steem, you can always buy some steem off an exchange, or use shapeshift to send steem to your 'steem wallet' on

It would seem that this would be a very good thing, but if a person has enough money they can simply buy a lot of steem and use their voting power to silence other people.

They can impact the earnings of other users on Steem, and all that will do is cause them to go elsewhere.  There are other social networks that are emerging; like Ong.Social - which could turn out to be the Next Facebook (or the next TSU) could easily go the way of TSU as well, if they don't change the ability of users to impact what other users earn in a negative light. Once the money has been rewarded to someone.... there should be no mechanism that allows them to lose that money, unless their content was plagiarized. cannot survive if they are content to allow their social networking platform to be a popularity contest.

This is a great video, and to no fault of the person in the video, proves my entire point.

I commented saying that frankly, the reason she's making all that money on Steemit is, she is white.  Racism is a reality in our world, and is very much a problem online.  On a social networking platform where earnings are based on votes it leaves too much room for human error. Now, instead of content earning money based purely on views.... now it's tied to who likes who.

So a white woman can make a simple post, and earn over $540 on the first go. Meanwhile the rest of us are stuck not earning, or worse ,having our content downvoted.

Here's some Evidence of what I mean.

I wrote a article, sharing content about Chamillionaire, a former rapper who is now a Venture Capitalist.

It's a great example of how blacks who are often used to prop up other ethnic groups are now turning the tables. They're venturing into business, and instead of inspiring young blacks to grow up and be gangsters, they're now inspiring them to be business people.  However, on a platform filled with white supremacists, pro-kek minions and alt-right supporters, that's not an article that'll get a lot of votes. In fact, it started out getting some decent earnings .... (.15 ...) and started to drop. someone was downvoting my article and I can't see who!

Good To See Stories Like This; ChaMILLIONAIRE news

(my comment :: which you'll see documents, yet another drop in earnings on this article - )

This left me wondering just how many other articles of mine, have been downvoted.

For example, this also started out much higher but the earnings have come down since :::

Excellent Breakdown: What Is Cryptocurrency

This one features a blonde doing a review on what cryptocurrency is.  I'm sure that helped garner a few votes, but it's sad commentary for society. Why does race matter so much to so many people and why do they keep ruining things with their hate for anyone who isn't white?

Bigger question, when will they realize that they're not using an established platform that can withstand the bias that's clearly being allowed?  If we could block people from viewing our content and determine who our audience is it would go a long way. Removing the ability to impact people's earnings will only help the platform. 

The entire point of using cryptocurrency is to get 'away' from control of oppressive governments. is set itself up to be it's own oppressive government, by allowing downvoting; I'm okay with tying earnings to votes so long as it helps a person on Steemit earn money.

When people can use that power to harm users, it'll harm the currency as well.

More "controversial Posts" on SteemIt that are sure to get downvoted by Racists and White supremacists on their platform:



Social Network Marketing That Pays

How Interested are you in Social Network Marketing That Pays?

Where on a scale of 1-10 would you rate your level of interest at when it comes to social network marketing?

Do you even know what this means?


The vast majority of network marketers I've met in the past 5 years have no 'real' idea of what social networking actually entails. The majority of people just think this is a numbers game. So they are steadily going through people like numbers, and failing to do the ONE Thing that they should be doing with all these huge numbers of people...

It's really simple and it's hiding in plain sight. People using social networking sites, and especially those of you who should be spending your time ON these sites engaged in Social Network Marketing; simply forget how important it is to be social. As I said it's hiding in plain sight. It's right under most people's noses.

Let's break Social Network Marketing down Further

In a recent report that focuses on the present and future of social network marketing examines just about all aspects of this Growing industry. That's right, this Is an industry all by itself and with over 800 social networks to choose from it's important to know what you are doing. First and foremost, please understand that the idea of Social Network Marketing stems almost directly from Word of Mouth Marketing; this has been one of the most effective methods of moving a product from the warehouse to the consumers doorstep. When someone we know talks positively about a product, a service, a vacation, or any experience - it increases the likelihood of us spending our money on that same experience.

Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, TSU, Pinterest, Instagram and several others, Marketing has found a whole new pond to swim in. Most people are constantly talking about what they love, what they hate, and it's prime pickings for agencies which practice social network marketing to figure out what and who to advertise to. But it's important to understand that we are talking about a diverse industry with big time, and small time players in it.

When we come to understand just how much money is being generated from Social Networks; That's when we'll start to truly embrace using a Social Network That Pays us to post our thoughts; on the various brands we like or don't like. Because that's truly what's driving MOST of the money, in the big time players arena.  Network Marketers on the other hand fall into the small time players category. That's nothing to be ashamed of though.

A savvy network marketer SHOULD be using the power of these social networking mediums to grow their lists of contacts; and build strong relationships with people who can potentially become powerful business partners.  Opportunity is literally all around us, but do we recognize it when we see it?  Do we really and truly take advantage of opportunity when it's presented to us??

Something to think about.

Back to how Social Network Marketing can Pay You...

If you know what you are doing, socializing can pay off. Most people view socializing as a waste of time; The truth is time is only wasted, when we waste it.

Essentially, the 'small time players' need to pay closer attention to what the big time players are doing on social networking sites. The big time players are gathering information on all the people using social networking sites. Then they know who likes expensive stuff, who likes to save money, and who's some where in between. How well do YOU as a network marketer KNOW the people you are 'networking' with?  Do you spend any time at all reading what they post on their pages? OR do you only use social networks to talk about your self?

One of those activities = Socializing.

The other one, is not.

In Social Networking For Money (A Free Training from TopNetworkersGroup) I go over the 5 Things you should be doing on social networking sites!


Basically, if you aren't DOING these things, you're not going to be making much money with your network marketing business. You're also going to fail at taking advantage of the huge opportunity that presents itself to you via the awesome and dynamic platforms, that we call social networking sites. The report cited states a prediction that these sites will grow 20.11% between now, and 2019. In other words, this is a trend, that isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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Is TSU A Social Networking Revolution Or Not?

Quick Update; as of August 1st, 2016 - Tsu has shut it's doors. Please read the article below now -

TSU Closes Down: The Social Network Experiment Ends

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Yesterday I wrote that I believe using TSU is a Revolutionary Act.  I actually posted my thoughts to TSU and surprisingly (not really) not everyone agree'd. So Is TSU a Social Networking Revolution or not?  I certainly think it's a worthwhile debate to have.  Facebook was a revolution - I think looking back on it all of us can agree on that. The way facebook made social networking fit into everyone's life was accomplished on a much larger scale than Myspace. However to be fair, Myspace truly set the pace for everything we see today.

So where other social networks have revolutionized how we communicate, keep in touch, share information, and make new friends - I feel TSU has the opportunity to revolutionize our role. I can see how TSU has the potential to redirect the money flowing to these social networks into the lives of its users. However in spite of what I believe, it's going to require others who think like me to bring about that kind of revolution.  I mean, why should social networks share their revenue with it's users?

Ironically enough it's the same kind of mentality at work with CEO's making so much money. Why should they pay employees more money?

It's not like the employees have anything to do with those profits .......

Hopefully you can hear the sarcasm jumping off the page.

So again I ask, Is TSU A Social Networking Revolution or not? (we now know the answer is .... Not. ***Update 8/9/16*** )

One TSU User shared his thoughts - " To me, Using TSU is NOT a revolutionary act. It's help to build a snowballing system that pays out a little for the people on the top of the pyramid and almost zero to the one on the bottom. It also means supporting a network that pays for copyright infringing and acts against it's own TOS. Talking bad about Facebook will not change or improve the situation 😉 " (read the entire post On TSU the Social Network That Pays)

Out of several comments this was the only one to Openly object to my statement.

What was said however, was quite interesting and can help several people in understanding just what TSU is really all about.

Is TSU doing any of the things this user claims? Not really. I do however want to try and go into some of these thoughts and ideas which have circulated. Bad ideas can be destructive and often are.

So let's deal with the first Bad Idea that only the people 'at the top' are making money.

It's the most Common Myth in MLM - I made a video that explains what is wrong with this perception of MLM compensation plans.

If TSU is ever going to be a true social networking revolution we have to get this Idea right - and make sure as many people understand it as possible. So, 'do the people at the top make all the money?' --- Let's deal with that right now.

Originally part of Do People At The Top Make All The Money in MLM?

I also recommend listening to Tim Sales's video Who Is Getting Rich in MLM - as he does an even better job of explaining why this type of compensation is the most fairest business model there is. We get what we earn in MLM - and while TSU is certainly not an MLM it has a lot in common with MLM's. The perception people have is that of it being an MLM. This speaks to the reality of where the industry is at this point in time. Several companies are adopting this business model as a way to 'get the word out' without spending money on advertisements.

Think about it, did you ever see a Facebook commercial before you signed up?

Or did someone you know tell you about it? Did it keep popping up all over the place? Did you feel 'left out' so you created an account?

I know the answers to all of these questions.

I know that no one Saw a commercial for Facebook; I know you all saw it popping up everywhere. I know most of you joined facebook because you didn't want to be left out.

That is the society We live in. None of you can fool me!


Read What Facebook’s $250 Billion Worth Means for TSU

Facebook is earning serious income because every single day, Millions of people are on their platform - posting content; reading content; sharing content; and commenting on content. In the world of marketing and advertising - the goal has always been to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Why else do you think the Superbowl has always been one of the premier slots to advertise? Because so many people are watching the same channel at the same time; it almost never happens that way.

This is where TSU comes in.

If we as users could have the same vigor and excitement to Post and Share all the Content we do on Other networks as we have for doing it on TSU; We can create a Social Networking Revolution. The objection made by the TSU user is common. Too many of them are concerned with what others are making. They're so mad that a few people who got in early and referred a lot of people who turned around and did the same are now making so much money in comparison to what they are making.

However, any money made on TSU is more, by comparison to what people make on FB.


Also the people with Larger Networks Deserve a Larger share of the Pie.

What we need to focus on instead of how big their slice is, is HOW big is the Pie?

How can we GROW The PIE so that even the little guy, is making a decent income From social networking?

That is what I mean by a social networking revolution. That is why I say, that I believe Using TSU is a revolutionary act. When you use TSU you help grow the pie. When you refer others to TSU you grow the pie. When you encourage others to do the same, we all grow the pie. The bigger the pie, the more we can all eat.

***Update 11/12/2015

Let's go deeper into this topic : Social Network Marketing That Pays

***Update 12/13/2015

Why Would people Not Use TSU? : Business People who Don't Know Buisness

***Update 12/21/2015 - my One year review of using TSU, and my honest feedback on the platform as well as the opportunity - TSU Social Network Review


What Facebook’s $250 Billion Worth Means for TSU

Before you read further I have a Quick Update;

as of August 1st, 2016 - Tsu has shut down it's opportunity Please read this now -

TSU Closes Down: The Social Network Experiment Ends

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The Original article is below.

I'm writing this one for TSU users. I want to talk about what Facebook's $250 Billion Worth means for TSU.

TSU Users; earlier today I shared a post from Bloomberg - Facebook is now worth $250 Billion (with a b) ---- everyone using facebook; Congratulate yourselves for what you did here. Facebook never charged us a Penny;

So how are they making $250 Billion in a 12 month Calendar Period????

Count on me to be Honest with you.

Because of you, you, and you. All of you who use Facebook for free help the site generate revenue. If only you took the same approach to TSU ... none of you use facebook for the money; So why are you doing it with TSU?

Too many people join TSU and think it's just a way to make money.

They don't understand the "Industry of Social Networking Sites" - They do not understand how Ad Revenue is generated - or how it will be distributed. They don't understand that it's going to take several years to generate the kinda money Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram generate.

By that time though, some of us are going to get a piece of the revenue. Others will be hopping on late; and will probably have the same kinda complaints people have now; that they only get a few pennies per day ...

While the rest of us, who got on when it launched; and who continue to use it and tell others; will be glad we decided to stick with the network.

Then again, TSU could fold up.

TSU could go out of business.

I mean it's business afterall.  Any business could go out of business.

Business is risky.

It's a risk to make a few pennies or a few dollars per day for a while; to hope that some day you're generating a few hundred Dollars per day.

But when you consider the risk; Other people's mentality makes no sense to me. Facebook is never gonna give us a cent. Twitter is never gonna give us a cent. Instagram will never give us a cent. But i promise you, they will continue to generate billions; because The masses will continue using these networks.


People with Influence start talking about TSU.

I've used what little influence I have to bring a hand crop of people to this site; I thank them from time to time for their support; for 'at least' looking at the network. A handful of them have done the same. Meanwhile others with far MORE influence than I have; chose to Hate on TSU; and use their Influence to keep People from Looking. It's sad when people do this.

They ensure that the people at the top stay at the top; while also keeping those at the bottom, where they are.

To me, using TSU is a revolutionary act. (at least, it was .... *Updated 8/9/16)

tsu revolution

TO me, NOT doing what the masses do is a step towards bringing down a SYSTEM that has flooded wealth to a small % - while keeping it from the masses.

Every single day when YOU log into Social Media; and share Thoughts; News Stories, YouTube Clips, or what ever -- KEEP in mind -- that where you Share this #Content Matters.

You are either part of the Solutions.

OR --- You are part of the Problems.

The problems - all the money in the wrong people's hands.

I'm sorry but, Mark Zuckerberg and all his genius doesn't use his money to Promote causes that would End police brutality; he's silent about black lives mattering; So I'd rather not Consciously contribute to his Financial Empire.

Sure, I'll still use FB; but you see what I do; I encourage people to USE something else other than FB; because if we don't, we cannot complain later.

We cannot say we didn't have an option.

We cannot say we didn't have a choice to make Mark Rich; or redirect that flow of income. 5 years from Today we'll look back and say "I'm glad I did" - or "I wish I had" --- today though; today is your chance to make a choice - a choice for good. A choice ... for better

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**Update 12/21/2015 - TSU Social Network Review