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Civil Rights in America and Economics

If you have noticed, I am mostly using this GDI Blog to discuss what's happening on the Civil Rights in America and Economics Conversation. That is one of the things I feel is awesome about not being bound to a 'mlm company' - because I am a business man who decided to bring his 'talents' to this industry to help others out. In doing so, I could not help but notice the growing corporate american 'idea' of owernship emerging in the MLM industry.

The MLM Companies think they own the Independent Business owners - but do they?

The MLM companies own the products and services they create; but not the people who choose to market those products and services - Affiliate programs for the most part, have always had this part right. Rarely do I see them terminate anyone for 'marketing/promoting' another affiliate program. For me, I decided to see how using both MLM Companies and Affiliate programs could benefit Black people.  Civil Rights in America never got to the part of dealing with Economics.

That is however, what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was focusing on after getting Voting Rights laws changed - was the Economic Empowerment of Black people in America.

Now, I'm saying 'we' should be seeking that empowerment while using the MLM industry/business model as a 'vehicle' - because a Dream without a plan is Just a wish.


A Platform created to have this conversation - is part of our One MLM System (To Rule Them All) called, The Black Folder.

Inside The Black Folder are several videos which highlight what has happened to black people in America; combined with videos on what black people MUST do to turn these things around. Group Economics is the answer and yet, there is so much that goes along with it. We have to think more positively about things. We have to change many of the ideas that are going int our heads so that we can change the inner conversations that are happening. We have to learn from the mistakes of the past, so not to repeat those mistakes going into the future.

There is an awesome documentary from PBS called Eyes on the Prize, which we feature there...

Here are 3 powerful Hours from the 14 Hour Long Documentary:

In this documentary so much about our story is covered.

Just as a warning; The following 3 Videos are constantly being pulled off YouTube - the information is too powerful. Please report the video "if" any are not playing when you get there. These 3 parts cover so much ground. One of my favorites is The Promised land. This focuses on Dr. King's movement better known as the Poor People's Campaign. When I first put the black folder together, I found audio of Dr. King discussing his goals with this movement. You'll benefit greatly from hearing his words on this matter.

The Civil Rights in America movement is not done - not without the Economic empowerment and upliftment of black people in America.

You can work with us, to make the completion of this leg of the race a reality.

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