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Residual Traffic Through Blogging by TNG

Let's spend a few moments on Residual Traffic. No one is talking about this other than because it's something people aren't considering.

One of the benefits of blogging is the residual traffic that's potentially out there for any of us who are willing to learn a few simple skills. Imagine the benefits of being able to take several months off from writing blogs, posting videos, or engaging in any business via your social media outlets. Yet, you're still getting hundreds, or thousands of hits on the articles you posted to your blog WHILE you're taking several months off. That's Residual Traffic and it's powerful.

It's also m.i.a. for most network marketers.

Let's get YOU some Residual Traffic!

Back in 2013 I ran into an affiliate company that offered a compensation plan around it's blogging platform. I had no idea I'd learn how to create residual traffic for myself when I joined. The company is no longer around, but the lessons I've learned have stuck with me and, continue to generate tremendous, ongoing, 'residual traffic' for my blogs. I have several, including this one.

All of them, are receiving readers, just like you, often without any additional marketing on my part. I'm not buying ads or paying for traffic. 100% of my residual traffic is free!

Yours could be too.

At the moment, I'm not selling anything - but if you want to create residual traffic for yourself you WILL need to buy in.

What I learned very quickly is that even though I was excited about learning this new skill set, it's a lot of work. It's work that pays off, but still, it is a lot of work. Like most things though, it's much easier when people work together in 'teams' - and that's the key difference between the blog sites getting Millions of visitors per day, and the rest of us. In many cases, people are hired to actually work in these teams that create residual traffic for the companies that hire them. You 'could' do something like that too, if your budget is set up like that!

However, a lot of people starting out in business, do not have that sort of budget.

That being said, learning and applying the skills required to create residual traffic for your websites will be a key skill as our industry moves into the Fifth Wave of it's existence. Things change and in business, so much is always changing. We need to make sure we stay on top of what's changing and fewer people are going to be able to make money as 'individuals' as things continue to progress. Just as we've been saying here at topnetworkersgroup for several years now, teams will matter more than companies. Teams will matter more than individuals.

It will be the Teams that have the most Skills who ill get the most Traffic in the next 10-20 years - the future of our industry, is very bright!

Let's get you some Residual Traffic!

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