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Refusing To Be Pawns In The Game

For far too long, black people have been Pawns in the Game.

Nick Cannon, Steph Curry, and several others as of late have been openly refusing to be pawns in the game. That is, perhaps the best description of our predicament in this society as black people. Once again, we address these topics head on hear on this platform, and thank you for dropping in. This conversation does not 'really' require you to fully understand the game of chess, however that would help! That way, when I am talking about pawns in the game it won't be a foreign concept to you.

Pawns have limited 'powers' in the game of chess. In fact, as far as game board pieces go, the pawn is one of the least powerful, across all spectrum.  Whether we are talking about chess or Monopoly, pawns in the game are not the piece you'd aspire to be, if you could decide!

refuse to be pawns in the game

Now that I've covered that 'brief summary' of how low this game board piece ranks we can get INTO the meat!  It's important to come to cope with the fact that black people have been used As pawns in the game of capitalism for quite some time.  We are absolutely in a 'real life Monopoly game' where some people are born, with a clear advantage over others. Monopoly isn't Chess though. Both games have so many lessons for us to grasp though. That's one of the main reasons that this awesome production Why Poverty Park Avenue is playing at The Black Folder.

This shows how the oppression of the black community has created poverty - which also creates wealth for the oppressors.

The game, that so many of us are 'born into' ... this Matrix aka the Prison for our Minds, is already well in motion by the time you and I were born.  Several games have been played. There have been several matches. So many seasons have gone by. Most of us are coming in to this after so much has already been done. So, it's important not to be too emotional about the fact that we (the black community) are pawns in the game. That's the role we've been 'allowed' to play, for so long, and truly the entire 'Civil Rights Movement' was all about allowing us more access! It was a plea, a cry, from black leaders to allow black people, to simply live. It's sad that this was even the case, but it was. It is a reality that others often try to overlook. They dismiss the damage this did, and continues to do. In spite of it all, we the black community, are left to deal with it.

Take a moment to understand what was stated here - Black Economics with Malcolm X - (How Much Has Changed?)

50 years ago, Malcolm spoke to us specifically, about how we are Pawns in the game. Economically and Politically as well, because we refuse to stick together. Let me repeat that. We refuse to stick together. Even within the MLM Space, that we specialize in. While working in this space, I have unfortunately met far too many black business people, who don't want to do business solely with black people. I don't either. However, I do believe that an Aspect of my business dealings SHOULD focus ON black business people working TOGETHER to benefit one another.

If we don't, then how will we ever succeed?

How will black people ever truly RISE out of the position we've been PUT in, if we don't change 'how we move' on the board?

We need to quit moving 'as pawns', and begin to educate ourselves about OTHER pieces on the board. We need to move like Bishops, like Knights, Like Rooks ; Like Kings and Queens.

But that's a discussion for another time; and also is a conversation we've been having with you for quite some time.

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Starting out as Pawns in the Game does not mean we have to remain pawns in the game. We are starting to see that with these examples from Nick Cannon, Steph Curry and others. Steph Curry spoke out about Under Armour's support of the current Presidential administration, and using HIS platform people started to impact the pocketbook of Under Armour. More recently, Nick Cannon told a joke in a stand up show, that NBC (His boss for America's Got Talent) didn't like. They made threats for him to retract the joke, but Nick decided to stick by his principles. He decided that it's okay if NBC decides to cast him aside, he will fall back on the network he has built, with others in his industry network.

He realized, there's no need for him to continue be used, as pawns in the game. You need to realize that too!

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Blacks Who Question Blacks Doing Business With Blacks

I'm going to share some thoughts from some Social Media Posts below, and then of course ... More thoughts on Blacks who Question blacks doing business with blacks, below.

I happened to stumble across the blog; and didn't like how the dude was calling into question whether or NOT black people should Seek to Do business with one another. This always bothers me, when black people do this especially because, No one questions Asians, Jews, Or Any Other Ethnic Group that Primarily Does business WITH one another. To top it off, the person was also talking directly about me; showing full lack of respect or gratitude, for all the help I had given him; I mean .... That was the tone a few weeks ago; That I changed his whole view of MLM - that He was excited about MLM again - that Tone went from 100 to 0 real quick, when I didn't approve of language he was using in an e-book, concerning MLM.

So, for the guy to go 'further' and call into question whether or not black people doing business with black people is a Feasible approach or not; absolutely proved what I had to say about the guy before; It also explains the hesitancy to go full blast with allegiance to a team and a platform that he himself did NOT believe in. Like so many black people in America, he is so concerned with being to get money from Other ethnic groups, that he fails to see how rare it is for blacks to get money FROM other ethnic groups.

... For whatever the reason or reasons may be.

Perhaps, it ultimately has nothing to do at all with a hate, or dislike for black people; and it's just a matter of supporting their OWN people so much that there is no real 'need' to go outside of their own community - which is absolutely okay to do in My opinion; In fact; it's the same opinion shared by Dr. Claud Anderson; and he's been talking about THAT idea, for far longer than I have; its smart. it's Intelligent for black people to DO business primarily WITH black people.

(Dr Claud Anderson says Blacks will Go extinct if black people doing business with black people does NOT become our reality soon! - Might already be Too Late)

It does not matter that all money is green.

It doesn't matter that OTHER groups have 'more' money because in reality it's only Perception; and not Reality; Black people, studies show, collectively own and control Trillions of Dollars; BUT we habitually GIVE that money away TO other ethnic groups; You see; If We simply had the good sense to KEEP That money in OUR community; WE would increase OUR individual incomes to the point where OTHER groups would be MORE than willing to do business with us; Because we'd naturally end up owning and controlling entire Industries; that others would want to get a piece of as well.

‪#‎Vision‬ ..........Can you SEE that far down the line though?

If you cannot; then You're going to call into question the WHOLE idea of black people doing business with black people, in the first place. Because you don't have the VISION To see long term, where this will go.

As they say............ Those who say it cannot be done (the dude I went IN on this morning....) should NOT interrupt those of us DOING it.

So to 'sorta explain' what happened ... here's a video.

(Update 2/3/2016 - This video was set to Private; because while I encourage blacks doing business with blacks, I ultimately am against blacks taking each other down; My point was made; Those who saw it saw it. Time to move on ...)

I've spoken about The black folder several times, especially here on our GDI Blog - and the reality of it is, we never at any point in time suggest that OTHER races cannot work with our team. The folder is just a folder; it's a part of our system not the entire system. Another folder in our system is The Matrix "Free Your Mind" Presentation. To suggest that Our Team is ONLY For black people as as silly as to suggest our team is ONLY For fans of the Matrix; because we have a folder that deals WITH that subject - in relation to network marketing and, revolutionary change.

It's a silly assertion to say this about Our Team; our Movement - but it clearly comes from a Silly black man, who is silly enough to think he knows more than he does.

What we're dealing with here, is a black man who works as a Teacher.

That means, more degrees than a thermometer; and as is usually the case - he thinks he's more intelligent than every black man walking the earth.

So in truth, he never viewed me as a Mentor; Instead, he just saw me as another black man to 'compare' himself to.

It's a dick measuring contest.

It's a Pissing Contest for those who want the cleaner version.

There's no real desire to work together; to appreciate each others' greatness.

It's a slave mentality, of the coon, the house negro who seeks to make himself look 'better' in the eyes of the White Master.

and It's a damn shame.

But it's part of the reality we're in folks!

All we can do is be aware of who is who, as we move through this plane.

Blacks who question blacks doing business with blacks are coons. They mean no good to our people. Coons are just hanging around to have something negative to say about our people. They pretend to know about our history, and may pretend to know about what happened to us. But any time they are tested to Actually DO business WITH black people they find some kind of excuse. Blacks doing business with one another is the answer we seek to so many of the questions we have.  It's the solution to so many of our problems as a 'community' within the USA.

The Coon says "All money is green" .....

The Conscious Hue-Man says "never put MONEY over People for that (love of money) is the ROOT of all Evil" ----

coons want to stop blacks doing business with blacks

MORE on why Blacks doing business with Black people IS the solution we're looking for.

Black Economics with RedPill and Mighty Sutek

Why People of Color Need To Be In Network Marketing

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  • *Updated November 19th, 2016 - The New Black Wall Street is Digital - Blacks doing business with blacks is a mentality that has been broken, but like anything can be rebuilt. It's absolutely a good idea to also do business with other ethnic groups. It's a better idea to circulate your dollars and create a larger group of empowered black business people to go into business negotiations with other ethnic groups. That's one of many results that would  come out of blacks doing business with blacks. We just have to learn from the mistakes of the past and watch out for the coons who seek to stand in our way. We cannot allow their fears to stop us from doing what is best, for today and future generations of black people. It is a proven fact that Blacks doing business with blacks will create better financial stability for black people.

Economic Empowerment Through MLM

Let's talk about Economic Empowerment through MLM.

I was walking around the campus of my college when I realized why there was such a disparity in my income, my families income, the income of my friends and extended family members; even the income of other black people I met at that university. This is when I began thinking about economics and how everything in our nation is tied to the plantation.

The plantation became the corporation and today we have what are commonly known as corporate slaves.

People no longer are living their lives with a purpose - other than going to work to slave away for someone else.

Meanwhile how this ongoing 'cycle' impacts the black people of America, is played out daily on our streets. What is often lost on us is that these economic conditions that so many black people find themselves in were planned.

But these were not the fully formed thoughts in my head while walking around the campus that day. I just realized that, had my parents owned a business rather than, been employees that we'd have more money. I was beginning to understand the importance of money in this society. I was starting to see the correlation between who I wanted to date, where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do and how much money I had.

I began thinking about how to change that, for future generations of my family.

That search brought me to MLM.

I want to talk to you about economic empowerment of the black community in America through MLM.

I remember when I sat in on the first MLM presentation I ever saw in 1999. I remember thinking 3 words to myself - "THIS IS IT!" ...

I found it.

I found the way that was going to help pull my people out of economic mediocrity.

I knew people, who knew people who knew people. I could envision us building a network - distributing products and services through this network and laughing all the way to the bank! It was legal, it was going to save people money - and it had the potential to increase anyone's income if they chose to work with our team.

Then I Began talking to people.

I came to realize the mental enslavement of black people was deeper than I ever imagined.

Several told me they heard of 'those pyramid things' - and none of them work.

They told me that I should go look for a good job, like they were doing.

Black people have been socially and psychologically conditioned to keep the system in place. Most would rather look for a job and work for someone else, than discuss the possibilities of coming together, and working together to create true wealth, with one another.

The opportunity was also $499 - which presented another barrier for people; a financial barrier.

The combination of financial and mental barriers kept so many of the people I wanted to do business with, from joining my business and working with me. They weren't in the business so they didn't attend the business meetings; They didn't meet the business people I met. They didn't get to have the business experiences I experienced.

This made me understand that the real barriers to economic empowerment are truly education and environment.

Money alone, is not enough to empower black people.


However, if black people are given opportunities but do not get the proper education to take advantage of it, then what good is the opportunity?

That is where most of this conversation about economic empowerment hinges.

There are people who will exclaim that the opportunities are all around; but not enough people will deal directly with a HUGE flaw, that stops people in their tracks. When you live in economically suppressed areas, which most urban areas tend to be, you're around people who are not thinking like business owners.

You're usually going to be around people who think like slaves.

In order to become a FREE Thinker, which really means, to think outside of the 'box' you and others around you are thinking in - it helps to get around others who think outside boxes. The internet gives black people the power to change their environment. They can change the information that is coming into their lives on a daily basis. Instead of tuning into WorldStarHipHop - We invite you to tune into The Black Folder - part of our One MLM System to rule them all.

The black folder is where we are having a real, ongoing conversation about economic empowerment through MLM.

I believe that MLM is the perfect business model for people of color.

It removes the barriers; anyone can get involved - however to be successful with it; the time required to study and learn the craft is a must!

So, MLM brings people into an opportunity; and a good MLM company will provide training; or education - which each person has the chance to take seriously. Naturally if they hang out with people who are not in MLM; they will be discouraged.

They will get people who disempower them because that is what slaves do.

Slaves help keep other slaves on the plantation, serving the Master and keeping the cycle going.

This is why we encourage black people to Hang OUT in the black folder; and also in our Live support Office; where you can spend time around others who think the way you think; and who want the things you want.

You see, economic empowerment is only possible, when the person is mentally empowered.

Check out some of these videos, related to this topic!


"The World is the Plantation" - Jason Black

Slavery has 'changed' - and the only freedom for the black race will come from Unity; and economic empowerment.

MLM is the solution we're looking for.

Our System is the answer, to making it work for us!


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