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What Facebook’s $250 Billion Worth Means for TSU

Before you read further I have a Quick Update;

as of August 1st, 2016 - Tsu has shut down it's opportunity Please read this now -

TSU Closes Down: The Social Network Experiment Ends

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The Original article is below.

I'm writing this one for TSU users. I want to talk about what Facebook's $250 Billion Worth means for TSU.

TSU Users; earlier today I shared a post from Bloomberg - Facebook is now worth $250 Billion (with a b) ---- everyone using facebook; Congratulate yourselves for what you did here. Facebook never charged us a Penny;

So how are they making $250 Billion in a 12 month Calendar Period????

Count on me to be Honest with you.

Because of you, you, and you. All of you who use Facebook for free help the site generate revenue. If only you took the same approach to TSU ... none of you use facebook for the money; So why are you doing it with TSU?

Too many people join TSU and think it's just a way to make money.

They don't understand the "Industry of Social Networking Sites" - They do not understand how Ad Revenue is generated - or how it will be distributed. They don't understand that it's going to take several years to generate the kinda money Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram generate.

By that time though, some of us are going to get a piece of the revenue. Others will be hopping on late; and will probably have the same kinda complaints people have now; that they only get a few pennies per day ...

While the rest of us, who got on when it launched; and who continue to use it and tell others; will be glad we decided to stick with the network.

Then again, TSU could fold up.

TSU could go out of business.

I mean it's business afterall.  Any business could go out of business.

Business is risky.

It's a risk to make a few pennies or a few dollars per day for a while; to hope that some day you're generating a few hundred Dollars per day.

But when you consider the risk; Other people's mentality makes no sense to me. Facebook is never gonna give us a cent. Twitter is never gonna give us a cent. Instagram will never give us a cent. But i promise you, they will continue to generate billions; because The masses will continue using these networks.


People with Influence start talking about TSU.

I've used what little influence I have to bring a hand crop of people to this site; I thank them from time to time for their support; for 'at least' looking at the network. A handful of them have done the same. Meanwhile others with far MORE influence than I have; chose to Hate on TSU; and use their Influence to keep People from Looking. It's sad when people do this.

They ensure that the people at the top stay at the top; while also keeping those at the bottom, where they are.

To me, using TSU is a revolutionary act. (at least, it was .... *Updated 8/9/16)

tsu revolution

TO me, NOT doing what the masses do is a step towards bringing down a SYSTEM that has flooded wealth to a small % - while keeping it from the masses.

Every single day when YOU log into Social Media; and share Thoughts; News Stories, YouTube Clips, or what ever -- KEEP in mind -- that where you Share this #Content Matters.

You are either part of the Solutions.

OR --- You are part of the Problems.

The problems - all the money in the wrong people's hands.

I'm sorry but, Mark Zuckerberg and all his genius doesn't use his money to Promote causes that would End police brutality; he's silent about black lives mattering; So I'd rather not Consciously contribute to his Financial Empire.

Sure, I'll still use FB; but you see what I do; I encourage people to USE something else other than FB; because if we don't, we cannot complain later.

We cannot say we didn't have an option.

We cannot say we didn't have a choice to make Mark Rich; or redirect that flow of income. 5 years from Today we'll look back and say "I'm glad I did" - or "I wish I had" --- today though; today is your chance to make a choice - a choice for good. A choice ... for better

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Avoid Being an MLM Hypocrite

Topnetworkersgroup here with a message on why you want to Avoid Being an MLM Hypocrite.

One of the first lessons I ever learned in MLM is that people are watching you.

There are so many reasons why people fail to make money in MLM; they fail to get customers; they fail to find business partners - and a major reason is they are unaware that people are watching you. When you approach someone to try your product or your service, they will usually give you one of 3 answers. Sure, Maybe, or No.  This is the kind of basic knowledge that is missing from most people I talk with. Because of this reason, many network marketing companies are not performing at their best.

If more people had this basic knowledge they would make decisions that reflect this - instead most are approaching MLM as if no one can see them.

We have too many MLM Hypocrites in the industry today.

And people are watching.

They are telling people not to put all your eggs in one basket. Then they tell people in their MLM 'put all your eggs in one basket' -

It's true, you DO want people to focus on their MLM Career. That reason can be explained in an awesome video I saw from Eric Worre on, burning bridges.

When you join an MLM company, you still have the option of going back to the job world. You still have the option to pursue other career paths. Ultimately, to make money in MLM you must decide that you are going to make money in MLM. You cannot be in MLM one week, and be out of it the next.  You can't get away with that.

In fact - you look like an MLM Hypocrite to everyone that you've talked to; telling them that MLM is a better way to make money. Maybe you told them MLM can help you retire from your job. People look up 3 months later and you're talking bad about MLM. It makes you look like you never knew what you were talking about. It hurts your brand.

Same goes for Silly Rabbits who jump from MLM Company to MLM Company.

This sends the wrong message to others who are watching.

This causes people to become disillusioned with our way of doing business.

People who followed the UOP leaders in DSDomination for several months closed their minds to all other ways of earning money. The moment those leaders were terminated, they jumped ship to a new company.  They look like MLM Hypocrites. For several months they exclaimed that they would never do anything else. Now, they're doing something else.

DSDomination was a great opportunity for them; but the moment they got terminated It no longer was?

You want to learn lessons from the mistakes others make. You also want to learn lessons from the mistakes YOU have made.

One of the reasons I can write an article about being an MLM Hypocrite; is even I have fallen victim in the course of my career.

I have made huge mistakes in my business career.

I've told people to always look into companies before you endorse them; and have endorsed companies I really didn't look into.  Lessons were learned from those mistakes.

That isn't the case with many of the leaders from the former WakeUpNow; who are preparing to launch a 'new company' - which absolutely looks like it's ... still WakeUpNow.

This is not a good example of learning from mistakes.

One of the biggest reasons WakeUpNow fell apart and could not keep Quality leaders in the fold, was the fact that the products and services were not worth $99/mo - many people saw no use for the services. The energy drink, Thunder - doesn't taste that good and has a funny aftertaste.

The truth was, most of those sales were going to distributors not to customers.

In MLM companies, when most of the sales are going to distributors instead of customers; that's generally associated with being an Illegal Pyramid.

So I would not consider that 'learning life' - by going down that same road, that has already been traveled, only to reach a Dead end.


Being an MLM Hypocrite is a dead end.

It's not a path you want to travel. You want to learn to take YOUR own advice at all times.

So many MLM hypocrites tell people to communicate with their sponsors  - and don't.

So many MLM Hypocrites tell people that their Job could lay them off at any time - that their business could go out of business; but they do not build their network marketing organization with this same knowledge in mind. Any business can go Out of business though.

TopNetworkersGroup has said this since 2012.

An MLM Hypocrite will tell others not to Prejudge their business - without looking; but will pre-judge OTHER businesses, without looking.

Many have Pre-judged our One MLM System - but have never been inside.

Avoid being an MLM Hypocrite.

We invite you to become a Professional Network Marketer - Take a look at some FREE MLM Training from our System Here - Thanks for stopping by.