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Why People Are Leaving DSDomination

I'm On here (logged into the members area of DSDomination) listening to this DSD webinar; getting informed on what's happening. Gotta say it's interesting how many people in MLM, gave up on MLM to pursue selling on eBay, Amazon, etc .... Even more interesting that People are Leaving DSDomination, considering all that they have to offer business minded people.

I was at a Les Brown event; several people were speaking ;

One of them was discussing how to make money selling over eBay; even the guy who combined ideas with mine like #voltron to form the 1mlmsystem to rule them all; was already making good money from, selling over eBay; so it's clearly a way to make money. If you're doing it right; you can make some really good money.

I think that's why a LOT of people in MLM; flocked to this; and have not 'come back' -- b/c of the realities that a lot of people in MLM are not making money in MLM.That's a problem in MLM; but we (Topnetworkersgroup) have SOLUTIONS for these problems.


And unless you're paying attention you wouldn't know it.

The problem with most people though; is people are sheep;

They'll do it 'when' they see others doing it...

Most aren't really paying attention to anything; other than, what everyone else is doing; Not much 'vision' out there as it is .....

That might be why a lot of people, "followed' their 'leaders' OUT of DSD; and into TLC; because hey, everyone else is doing it............

How are you gonna promote something for months; say it's the way to go; and leave - Just because others are leaving?

Listen; sometimes we all end up in a bad business deal; and we NEED to jump off the ship; before it sinks and we sink with it --- Sometimes a company starts out well and goes a different direction; and is no longer what it once was; Sometimes a company is not paying you on time; or not taking care of your customers; and so there are many GOOD reasons to leave a company; but people leaving DSDomination or any other opportunity - 'b/c' someone else left ... that's wack.

That makes you, as a business person look like someone who doesn't understand business.

DSD is still a very 'solid' opportunity; while I DISAGREE with those who 'only focus on DSD' - rather than use it as a stream of income; and a way to learn new skills that will last for lifetimes; as a way to add value to yourselves; and others as well who 'want what you want and are willing to do what it takes to have it....' ---- and I think this happens far too often with GOOD opportunities; where people "leave" for grass they feel is greener; or worse - are told is greener by people they Trust; who are simply USING THEM; like vampires to live off of; it's sad to witness; and yet ... that is why we are here.

If you're Working with the Group; KEEP working; So much work to be done ...

For example.

DSDomination is part of our MLM System - however it's in there JUST for the basic Training on how to Sell through Ebay; we do not promote or endorse paying for the higher programs unless you're going to be SERIOUS bout learning those skills. You see, so many of the people leaving DSDomination (and other opportunities like it) usually do so, because they're not making money. They follow these other leaders into new programs and companies because they believe that perhaps things will be different this time.

Sadly, not enough networkers ever stop to consider that perhaps their approach is the problem.

You see; making money on Ebay is VERY TIME CONSUMING - very; it's a good S-quadrant opportunity. It's not Residual Income though; which means you're going to be continually listing and shipping products for years and years to come; You have to continually put time in; to get money out.  The reason MLM is what it is; is the promise of TRUE residual income; where you and others can build a team; get customers who are paying for products/services that you and your partners are selling; and earn Ongoing income from Ongoing purchases.

While Lots of money certainly CAN be (and is being) made through ebay; MOST of the people making money in DSDomination are doing so from SELLING the training programs.

Because frankly ;most of the people who sign up; won't put the TIME in to learn the skillset.

Knowing how to make money on Ebay; is a skillset. Some have it and some do not.

Because some have put in the time to learn it; while others - have not.

Too many people are and were in DSDomination for the wrong reasons; and with the wrong mentality.

But that is why we are here.

We are here to help the industry get things right.

Most Networkers are Not learning any real skills - people have quoted me several times on Twitter

To learn more about DSDomination; be sure to get signed up for our entire 1mlmsystem; You'll want to take our approach to it. Our approach will encourage you to LEARN Skills.

You can always take Skills with you.

Leaving DSDomination is not the solution you want. Learning Skills is.

We want you to learn skills. Our TNG Classes focus on Learning GDI; how to blog; and other topics.

Check Out This Class and several others below.


A Plan For Success in Your MLM Business

Back in January of 2014 I was talking about A Plan For Success in WakeUpNow. It was a video on Building your MLM Business the way 'we' are teaching people to build it. You see I was hearing some rumors that WakeUpNow had financial troubles back when I filmed this video. I have several years of experience in business, not just MLM. So when the One MLM System was created it was entirely because of the experiences I've had - and the understanding that everyone in business MUST have a solid plan for success.

The teachers and mentors I had early in my career have helped me so much - They taught me how to prepare for the objections my prospects would have for me. So when I filmed this video back in January of 2014, I was talking about a real solution; that would help people then - and would help people going into the future. I also had already been dealing with the excuses people were making 'not' to get started. These excuses were not new to me. I experienced them time and time again in my very first company.

ACN  (my first company) was and still is $499 to join; but with WakeUpNow we were essentially talking about a business that costs $1,200 per year to run. Just as people often hit us with the "I don't have the money" excuse in ACN; people were still using it when it came to this opportunity. It's a common excuse people use when it comes to most income opportunities. You and I, as professionals need to understand that going in. We should be studying people - we should be about understanding people. If that's what we are about, then the things we are talking about - will make sense to you.

We have been talking about a plan for success.

This Plan would have helped many people in WakeUpNow who built teams and lost everything when wakeupnow closed down their MLM Operations.

The plan will help anyone in the MLM industry avoid the risk of losing everything. Any business can go out of business. As a professional you should always be prepared for just in case - because you never know what will happen. Even if you start your own company there is no guarantee that it will stand the tests of time.

Some of what I'm talking about now, is part of the advice I have for web design and business consultation clients; that they really need to consider scale. Growing a business is going to take time and the reason so many people get into MLM is they feel they can cut corners. They feel that they can get to their financial goal quicker here than in other places. It's possible for some, but not for most. Most people do not have strong enough relationships to pull that off. MLM is a people business. So when we put our focus on programs or companies, we are setting ourselves up for failure instead of success.


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Hello GDI :) ::: TopNetworkersGroup Official First Post

Hello GDI! Our Official First Post here from TopNetworkersGroup - and the 'funny' part is, since officially coming on board in September, I've BEEN Talking about GDI! - Some of you know this already, and others are NEW to TNG - GDI was added to our One MLM System (to rule them all) - our Professional Training System for our Network Marketing Organization, to replace our previous $10/mo Program.

We've been a HUGE Fan of this program from afar for several years but simply felt like our 'social networking' opportunity was sufficient enough to help our new team members create a solid monthly income. The compensation plan was identical to GDI - which is powerful, when we consider the low monthly cost, And all that comes with membership.

I've known about GDI since it launched all the way back in 2004 - the fact that it's been around for so long is impressive and is not to be overlooked! Most companies never make it past their first 5 years in business; while even fewer make it past the first 10 years. When a company does hang around for that length of time, it's to be taken seriously. While we liked our social networking opportunity it was new. It lasted 3 years and went out of business.

Just like the numbers usually indicate. It's always difficult for start up companies to last the long run. GDI has done just that however.

So in the back of my mind, I always knew that "if" our social network went out of business (and it did) - GDI would be the perfect opportunity to slide in it's place. It has officially been part of our $10 Level since October; and already a few of our team members have fallen right back into place. That is after all, the point and the purpose of our approach to MLM. We are tired of having to build, and rebuild our teams over and over again. Any business can go out of business, and I've already stated how frequent that happens, in several articles that are already on the web now. I'm not 'new' to this, I am true to this.  I've had some of the best teachers and mentors this industry has ever produced. I am a proud student of the network marketing industry, of successful people in all business sectors, and I'm the guy 'manning' the ship for TopNetworkersGroup.

All I ask is that my business partners trust me, and our leadership team, to decide what companies and programs will be found in our system. Everyone else just needs to focus on building up our organization, and making sure that everyone on the team is getting and applying the Training that we provide. If a company or program in our system happens to go out of business, we'll replace that program with something else; and we will not miss a beat in our income.

Unfortunately quite a few programs have indeed, gone out of business, since we rolled out our MLM System in the end of 2012.  Other programs changed their compensation plan, or eliminated their affiliate program all together - Then there's our "SEO blogging Training Course" - which no longer has the training videos - and had to be pulled off the shelf because it no longer Is the same opportunity we were promoting. However, I was able to learn enough in that program, to begin putting together a program of my own; that will be offered - THROUGH our System.

You see, I know what I'm doing - and if you're working with the group, you will be in good hands.

We are going to be applying some awesome SEO Training to the GDI Blogs; which are going to be powerful marketing tools in your toolbox, while you are working to build your Online International Organization; as a member of TopNetworkersGroup.

We are absolutely excited to be Here.

I signed up through a Real Leader in this game; Mr. James Hall. He never even approached me about GDI but, has been a member of TNG for several years now; even long before we rolled out the system. He has remained active in many of our programs; and while several people 'came and went' - talked to me about adding GDI to my portfolio, I passed on partnership with them all. Loyalty matters to me, and it matters if you are interested in creating STABLE ... Long term income. We want to show you the right way to make money in this industry; and the right way to use the powerful TOOLS that we get through the GDI Platform; the fact that GDI has been in business for as long as it has, makes me look forward to what we're about to help others do.

For example ... You can purchase our Blog Training Program and learn SEO methods that actually work; and WILL help you Get Found on Google; and other Search Engines. You'll learn how to drive Real Organic Traffic to your site. Then, You'll be able to use your GDI Blog to your benefit; regardless of what you want to write blog articles about. This platform is powerful 'when' you know how to use it. Like we say about your tools all the time. You must know 'how' to use the tools in your toolbox. You gotta know when to use a screwdriver and when to use a hammer.

A Blog can be one of the most powerful tools you'll use to construct your Empire - Make sure you're aligned with our team; so that you can be one of the first ones to learn how to explode not only GDI; but find success in everything you choose to pursue, within the MLM Industry - and Beyond!

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