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Solutions to Our Economic Challenges

One of the reasons I blog on the GDI platform is because I see it as one of several Solutions to our Economic Challenges.

For just $10/mo, you get a domain name, and you also get a WordPress blog, a Drupal, a Forum (Discussion Board), and if you have enough Hunger to learn how to use each of these tools to generate income for yourself, you'll be more than happy about your investment. When you consider that you also get paid to share this solid business with others, you will earn an ongoing % of their business 'affiliate' organization; but also can team up With them and work together to make money in additional businesses - the skies begin to clear.

This is a bargain.

As it comes to solutions to our economic challenges, having a low start up and maintenance fee makes this a great investment. When we consider how long they've been in business, once again it makes this already great looking investment even better looking. To anyone who's ever fallen for a scam, and lost large amounts of money, the risk here is very low. However when we consider all that we're getting, how long this company has been operating, and all of the things we can do with these tools - the risk becomes minimal.

In other words it's a risk we can all afford to take.

solutions to economic challenges involve risk and reward

It's a risk, and an investment of our time that has nothing but upside, and pay off.

When we consider that so many of us fall into several economic categories, something like this has that Unifying factor that other 'solutions' are lacking.

Plus, when we consider the Educational Opportunity that is waiting for all who sign up - again - the payoff can be Immense!

Imagine more and more of Our people taking the 'time' to learn SEO simply because they now have a blog, a forum, and a Social Network via Drupal; and they also learn about the power of Networks; especially Blogging Networks. A true blogging network is simply a collection of bloggers who's sites end up linking to each other. One blogger may write about the ups of home business and another one will write about the downs. Both bloggers will link to each other and a 3rd blogger will write about the differences between home businesses and traditional franchising, and will link to both blog articles in his/her article. The end result is the people who decide to work together in these 'blogging networks' - end up pulling in tons of traffic and are truly the ones benefiting from the internet right now.

Everyone else is still trying to figure out how to benefit.... from the internet right now.

So in a way, this and several other solutions to our economic challenges still come down to us working together, in teams, as a group. Getting to a point where we understand that individual gains do not matter if the group is not gaining too. Rather than thinking of that old crabs in the barrel example (which, is very real) - we do need to consider how the crabs got in the barrel in the first place, and see what we can do to bust that barrel open.........


Rather than just talk about 'the problems' that exist in this barrel - let us not lose sight of the Solutions.

Solutions to our economic challenges are all around us - but so often our eyes are on the obstacles that we'll face to accomplish the goal.

That's always a big waste of time.

Let's look at more Solutions to our Economic Challenges - Feel free to Check out and USE this sales/marketing funnel to promote the GDI (Global Domains International) Opportunity - that THIS very blog is hosted by; as you can see this is the Domain - and if you are a member of OUR team, we absolutely recommend that you set up your OWN .WS today; and use your domain name to send traffic to our One MLM System - which is all about teamwork, unity, working together, you know ... solutions to our economic challenges.

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