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John Oliver Brings MLM Into the Spotlight

It is fair to say that John Oliver just brought MLM Into the Spotlight on his show Last Week Tonight.

I wrote about it as soon as I could and even put some of my initial thoughts on Video, after seeing the show as it's actually one of my favorites. John Oliver absolutely ripped the industry a new arse, and I cannot say it wasn't well deserved. I've been blogging, and vlogging, and talking with people about the issues our industry has for several years now. It is very unfortunate that this is 'how' John chose to bring MLM Into the Spotlight, but I understand his motives.

People are being 'harmed' by the industry, that has gotten too big to be this unregulated. That's not what we want though. Already the FTC has made statements as recently as last week, regarding new rules that are coming. This means that more companies are going to fall under scrutiny, and it's quite possible that several companies WILL Be shut down in 2017.

Throwing MLM Into the spotlight in such a negative way is bringing out all of the people who've never made money in network marketing. This group especially includes people who never read a book on the industry, or went to any training. I was listening to people give testimonies of losing several thousands of dollars in Herbalife. To be honest, they were foolish to spend that much money in the first place. Each MLM company has a website where people can and should READ about the company they are joining.

That way, some one in the company cannot just tell you to do something and you do it, because they said so.

While bringing MLM Into the Spotlight, the Employee Mentality is still in the darkness.

That kind of mentality (of doing what others tell you to do) comes from being an Employee. As an Employee, you will NEVER reach the TOP of your place of employment. Your job, is the Real Pyramid Scheme where the people at the top make all the money, and you simply get shat upon.

The Real Pyramid Scheme is Your Job

The 'cleaner version' -  of the 'above photo' is below. I like both though as it shows you the reality of the world we live in. The pyramid structure isn't the problem. There are other problems that need to be addressed and for those of us within network marketing, we are the ones who should be addressing them. We want big name people bringing MLM into the spotlight but, not like this!

Again, THIS is the real pyramid. The structure you are seeing is what keeps 1% of our nation Wealthy, while the 99% are struggling to get by. For some reason we are okay with this as we continue to consume products from companies that use this Old Corporate model. MOST of the money we spend goes to the TOP; and not to the Employees. Your average MLM company is not generating the kind of Sales that let's say, Nike generates. So what is the 'real pyramid scheme' again??

MLM Into the Spotlight real pyramid scheme #thisisapyramidscheme - Your job, and the way corporate America keeps us all financially enslaved

Corporate America has us Enslaved.

The truth is, that MLM is a way to change our entire system but several people running these companies are greedy. They are not thinking about the people in the field.  This mentality has unfortunately duplicated itself into the top earners, who also do not care about the people in the field. This has resulted in an industry that is out of control.  It is almost no longer following the fundamentals that helped this way of making money become as popular as it is today.

Still, not enough people are making money. With too many companies it divides our industry, and weakens our position as networkers. We cannot demand companies pay us more money, when our networks are constantly breaking apart.

Through our One MLM system To rule them all; we are training OUR team to approach network marketing better. We are showing our team a way to truly change HOW we earn income, and actually work towards a future where WE are being paid MORE by the companies we represent.

The MLM business model is not a pyramid scheme.

However, any schemer or scammer can use any business model to get 'over' on people who refuse to Educate themselves.

So in all your 'getting' - GET an education on network marketing.

Start with our MLM Bookstore.  Pick up and read ALL of these books, before you call this industry a Pyramid Scheme.

Keep in mind, John Oliver is a comedian. Those were jokes.....

Read "#ThisIsaPyramidScheme - John Oliver Attacks MLM"


Why Systems Matter: Where WakeUpnow and MCA Leaders went Wrong

Let's talk about why systems matter for a few moments.

Way back in maybe, 2012 or so the network marketing industry was seeing a 'rise' of a new leadership team through the MCA opportunity. This is the roadside assistance income-based opportunity through TVCMatrix - that has been around for over 26 years; as a marketing arm for the 83+ year old company (MCA). That was a mouthful. But it's important to understand that distinction as well.

MCA Chose 'network marketing' to build their customer bases, after decades in business.

The TVCMatrix was their system, basically. It's an early introduction to why systems matter. They've always mattered in business. Robert Kiyosaki famously breaks this down in his book the Cashflow Quadrant (available at our 1mlmsystem bookstore). Business Owners (in the B quadrant) use systems. Systems matter because they provide leverage. For MCA, this allowed them to get rid of customer sales reps, and save money paying employees commissions to man the phones, or comb the yellow pages. Now, using a 'marketing arm' that pays based on performance, MCA has been able to continue doing business, in a pretty challenging marketplace, dominated by Automobile Club.

This is not about MCA though. It's about why Systems Matter. This is about a young team that 'rose up' primarily through the income opportunity provided by MCA. They leveraged a pretty massive team that they built in 'one opportunity' for, WakeUpNow. In other words ... they spent about a year building a pretty big 'network' in one company; then moved them over to another.

This is very common, and it's unfortunately what has harmed far too many network marketers.

This is why systems matter.

(Something similar happened with the UOP Leaders as well; when they were terminated from one opportunity, then asked their network to follow them into TLC - and what's crazy is UOP 'has systems' but, they were not set up Like OUR System; which keeps the 'future' in mind; and keeps the best interests of The Group in mind, at all times.)

I ran across a 'post' on IG ....

Lessons to be Learned (Why Systems Matter)

  • This is very important because it illustrates an important point. "Some" of the people who followed their MCA leaders into WakeUpNow decided to hang onto their MCA business. This was very smart for all who did. As we all know, WakeUpNow is No longer in business. This IG post is from 2014 - 2 years later MCA is still rocking; WakeUpNow is has almost been forgotten.
  • Leaders of WakeUpNow got sucked into the concept of 'going all in for A company'. They split their 'ties' with MCA.
  • Having no 'real system' in place to keep their MCA downline together, turned problematic when they 'added Wakeupnow' to the plate. Distributors (broke up their networks) leaving their MCA Sponsor's. No System was in place to keep the network aligned.
  • WakeUpNow crashed and burned; Smart marketers like this one are 'probably' Still earning money from MCA to this day; While those who put all their eggs into the WUN-basket; are mad at their shopping carts; because they got stuck with a lot of Thunder ....

I'm not throwing jabs.

I'm talking real business. When we set up our One MLM System 'to rule them all" at - and launched in 2012, I had already been through these things before. I know what happens when teams 'add' opportunities and do not make sure to keep the 'network' together. I know that too many times, people become Top income earners in the industry, only to end up No longer at the top when 'something changes' .....

We have to make our incomes MORE stable.

Our system is that solution. We put the focus on the industries and not on the companies. Our 1mlmsystem is designed to build a stable income for all who work with us.

We are just looking for the right people to help LEAD our team.

Are you 'The One' we are looking for?

I guess we'll find out.



TNG and The Fantasy Sports Industry

TNG and The Fantasy Sports Industry.

We've been involved with the fantasy sports industry for over a year now. I personally have played fantasy sports since 2001 and the industry has absolutely come a long way since then. It's gone from a place that had nothing but season long commitments to Daily competitions. It's become an industry where, thanks to the internet, placing bets is now seamless. So rather than just playing for bragging rights with a friend, or even a stranger on an internet fantasy site; you can play for coin.

That is why the fantasy sports industry is becoming so attractive. It's drawing enough attention to where business people like you and I have a real opportunity to get involved and benefit from what's happening. However, we have to be careful about which opportunities we align ourselves with. Following people into a business because they've made money in network marketing does not mean they know where money is being made in fantasy sports.

Like any industry, the fantasy sports industry is full of companies that want a piece of the pie. As is usually the case, we work 'with' these companies, help them grow, and WE get a piece of that pie along with them. The bigger the slice we're able to help them carve out, the more we all eat. Hopefully if you're reading this you already understand this. Just in case you don't, i hope that analogy helps. Network Marketing is one of those industries that has a bad reputation. A lot of people have failed to make money here. There are a lot of reasons for that.

Those reasons however, have little or nothing to do with whether or not you can make money in the fantasy sports industry.

First and foremost, you can make money on the games. Simply by participating there is a real chance that you can win money. To be totally transparent there is also a chance you can lose money too. The very same way many of us are playing with friends and family now, we can do the same thing with these new platforms that allow us to 'share in the wealth'.

  • We Recommend putting yourself on a Budget.
  • Do not spend 'over' a certain amount each month.

Meanwhile, if you refer a handful of people, to play along with you and others. Together you can all actually generate some significant earnings from playing fantasy sports.

*At this time, we Do Not recommend United Games - read TNG's Review now.

Take a look at these FREE reports on the Fantasy Sports Industry Right now! Learn the differences between Season long Fantasy leagues, and the Daily sports leagues.  Learn the risks that are involved, and make sure you are networking with people who understand what's going on. I play, I watch sports, I hang out with people who do the same. You'll get free information on our email list when you sign up to get that report. Thanks for stopping by!

Fantasy Sports Industry Keeps Growing (TNG Reports)

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Networking For Black People

Networking for Black People by TNG

I was watching a Documentary (Streets of Compton) where a brotha (named Wacko) who admitted to playing a major role in distributing drugs; was now using those skills to run legitimate businesses. The 'distribution network' is the same concept; Yea someone is going to always be 'at the top' of that game; but the generals live well too; and depending on how tight and how loyal the network moves together; the better everyone involved lives;

For centuries; we as black people were 'kept from' tapping into legitimate networks with monetary barriers; we'd all own a Subway Franchise, a Five Guys, A McDonalds, a Chipotle, a Jersey Mike's, if we all had Franchise Owner Money - but that's what I've always 'loved' about the network marketing model. It's Franchise-like Opportunity without franchise-size Investment.

Instead of moving products that the 'enemy of our people' have deemed illegal; for the purpose of targeting us for their Prison Industrial Complex - we can Instead Move Solar Power; For example --- People are getting it; and you could play a major role in helping homes in your City and surrounding neighborhoods get Solar Power In their Homes --- you can even get paid in other areas of the nation, by using 'social media' to find people who are looking for what you have. Together we can make money selling Websites; Teaching one another Internet Marketing Skills; Teaching one another Blogging - and using those skills - again - to distribute products, information, services - or whatever we'd like.

And we can keep it all legal too.

Networking For Black People - Wacko former Piru member
Former Piru leader talks about how networking for black people is a legal alternative to the lifestyle so many inner city youth are caught in

It's what we call ... a God Send (when God sends something) - problem is; Far too many of my people have a poor concept of God; which 'to be real with it' - stems from Our slave culture; where a different 'understanding' of God was forced upon us; by a people who Also, do not understand nor appreciate God - again; To be real with it....

I watched a video today where 2 white girls were 'hanging out' with their Indian Friend Saraa; Or as the white girl described it; her two friends - One 'regular one' and the other was 'Indian' ... and they sat there and Grilled her on her Hindu beliefs; telling her she was going to Hell; and if she did not convert to Christianity - aka The Right religion - that it was the wrong decision and they maybe, couldn't be friends ......... I was blown away watching it because of how rude, and ignorant it was; but also how hateful; and not only that - how entitled it was. the idea that 'their God is better' --- is a misunderstanding of God.

God is here for all. Not some.

But I didn't intend to preach so I'm not getting into that - Just that a lot of people have a misunderstanding; and aren't really Seeking understanding; but are instead just putting on a show; performing a ritual; Fitting In to a Social Circle (a big one) - for the sake of appearances; and yet those who "truly" understand God, realize that He allows all things to happen; EVEN and Especially The bad; because the BAD is actually what moves the GOOD into action.

Which brings me back to Networking for black people .... 

I was first introduced to mlm in 1999 - and want to give a Special Salute to all of the Black Men and Women who set the example for me; Long before I entered the playing field; and who've done an excellent job in representing 'what is possible for us' - through this FORM OF business ----- The reality is; You can still do your own thing; you can sell real Estate; Invest in stocks; You can sell products online directly to consumers; and we can still Partner up and create Networks to distribute even more products than we could 'on our own' ---- and they can't Burn Down Our Buildings this time .............

The Black Folder was put together to promote Networking for black people. This is not to say we don't want to network with others however, we do need to place emphasis on building our selves up. Others are more than welcome to participate but, most won't want to.  Generally others are seeking to 'get paid' from our efforts rather than contributing to our incomes. They, historically seek to benefit from us, rather than benefit with us. This is why networking for black people needs to become a focus of ours. We need to think about how we can enrich one another.

I promise you no one else is considering that.

In fact many are still plotting against us. We have to build ourselves up again; and make one another strong!

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This Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Is Inspirational

Dicks Sporting Goods makes a commercial for the Rio Olympics that is So inspirational!

If you're looking for inspirational commercials, have you seen the one from Dicks Sporting Goods yet?

You may be thinking 'which one' - or perhaps you're not even aware that Dicks Sporting Goods even made commercials.  The one I'm referencing is their Rio Olympics commercial about the Gold inside of each of us. Did you know that we are Born with gold flowing through our veins?  Well I didn't know this either. Thanks Dicks Sporting Goods. You don't know how much motivation you've just provided.

Over at I've got an entire section dedicated to talking sports and business.

This commerical from Dicks Sporting Goods fits right in with everything I've been telling the people who work with me. We have to have the right mentality to win in business. Understanding that we each have value, that is intrinsic in nature is so important. When you and I understand how important we are, we'll treat one another with a certain level of importance we otherwise would not. That, to me is what's missing in the world of business.

Basic, Common respect.

Check out The Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial Now

The largest Concentration of gold can be found in our hearts.

Think about that for a moment.

The Dicks Sporting Goods Commercial on Gold

Think about how inspirational this commercial has the potential to be, when other people (like you) discover it. Only some of us have what it takes to pull that gold inside of us out. Sometimes, that is because we lack the proper motivation, or focus to do what we need to. In business, we have to stay motivated because we are in a world that is always working against us. We live in a society that seeks to enslave the masses.

If you're not part of that master class, then there is a built in struggle just to survive. Should it be that way?

Should the world be better? Maybe.

Perhaps everything really is as it should be. Then again, maybe that is the challenge before us. Similar to what this commercial from Dicks Sporting Goods is trying to say - we must pull the gold inside of us out. We must put our all on the line, and give all that we can to achieve our goals.

One of my favorite 'motivational speakers' right now, is Eric Thomas.

Apparently Dicks Sporting Goods also enjoys what he has to say and flew some of their employees out to hear from him, right before the Rio Olympics.

Here's a few of his thoughts - on accomplishing our goals!

Motivation is Life!

Whatever you are doing in this moment - Stay Committed to Stay Motivated - Get around good people and stay PLUGGED IN - Get on my Email List; read what I send out; interact with me; Together let's grow your business; and let's grow your life!

Also be sure to check out an article I wrote after I first saw this Dicks Sporting Goods commercial - but couldn't think of 'who' made the commercial!

Facts About Gold In The Human Body

It has even more information about the gold that naturally is found inside our bodies. How much gold is inside of you?  What are you willing to do to pull it out of you?



Residual Traffic Through Blogging by TNG

Let's spend a few moments on Residual Traffic. No one is talking about this other than because it's something people aren't considering.

One of the benefits of blogging is the residual traffic that's potentially out there for any of us who are willing to learn a few simple skills. Imagine the benefits of being able to take several months off from writing blogs, posting videos, or engaging in any business via your social media outlets. Yet, you're still getting hundreds, or thousands of hits on the articles you posted to your blog WHILE you're taking several months off. That's Residual Traffic and it's powerful.

It's also m.i.a. for most network marketers.

Let's get YOU some Residual Traffic!

Back in 2013 I ran into an affiliate company that offered a compensation plan around it's blogging platform. I had no idea I'd learn how to create residual traffic for myself when I joined. The company is no longer around, but the lessons I've learned have stuck with me and, continue to generate tremendous, ongoing, 'residual traffic' for my blogs. I have several, including this one.

All of them, are receiving readers, just like you, often without any additional marketing on my part. I'm not buying ads or paying for traffic. 100% of my residual traffic is free!

Yours could be too.

At the moment, I'm not selling anything - but if you want to create residual traffic for yourself you WILL need to buy in.

What I learned very quickly is that even though I was excited about learning this new skill set, it's a lot of work. It's work that pays off, but still, it is a lot of work. Like most things though, it's much easier when people work together in 'teams' - and that's the key difference between the blog sites getting Millions of visitors per day, and the rest of us. In many cases, people are hired to actually work in these teams that create residual traffic for the companies that hire them. You 'could' do something like that too, if your budget is set up like that!

However, a lot of people starting out in business, do not have that sort of budget.

That being said, learning and applying the skills required to create residual traffic for your websites will be a key skill as our industry moves into the Fifth Wave of it's existence. Things change and in business, so much is always changing. We need to make sure we stay on top of what's changing and fewer people are going to be able to make money as 'individuals' as things continue to progress. Just as we've been saying here at topnetworkersgroup for several years now, teams will matter more than companies. Teams will matter more than individuals.

It will be the Teams that have the most Skills who ill get the most Traffic in the next 10-20 years - the future of our industry, is very bright!

Let's get you some Residual Traffic!

residual traffic brings residual everything

Watch this FREE Webinar on
"How to Earn Residual Income"
through a Blog Based Business


Do Gatekeepers Still Exist?

Recently a series of seemingly unrelated events occurred involving Gatekeepers.

Do they still exist or not?

The first incident involving the reality that Gatekeepers absolutely still exist happened with entertainer and music performer Azealia Banks. She got her twitter account suspended for making remarks which, the twitter audience deemed to be inappropriate. That's an interesting decision for the twitter audience to make, considering that ... it's Twitter! (Read Azealia Banks Vs. The Business). My assessment of what happened ultimately is, this is a false flagging situation. Many of the large websites use flagging systems to monitor their websites. What ends up happening all too often is, if people do not like what someone is sharing on your YouTube channel, or Twitter account - their accounts can be shut down.

We Are The Gatekeepers Now -

We are the Gatekeepers

A solid garden wall with open metal gates with a blue sky in the background and isolated on a white foreground[/caption]

We're deciding all the time what we will accept or allow. This is true whether it's social media, or print media. We decide what stations to tune into. We make up our minds on what we decide is an important issue and what isn't. Society at this point in time is a well oiled machine. It has taught us how to keep our own selves 'within the lines'. It has even suggested that we continue drawing more lines, and more boxes to put each other in. But I digress.

The reason I'm even speaking on Gatekeepers is because of an excellent video by Professor Devin; who was responding to an Interview by Gary Vaynerchuk on The Breakfast Club.  You can and should watch his comments when you get the opportunity. Also, check out Gary Vaynerchuck speaking on White Male Privilege - as it's an amazing and rare moment, where you will hear a white male admit to having a leadership role in society already created for him, upon birth.  He is one of the most respected minds in business, so to hear him admit this quiets all debate on the subject.

He even sorta admits near the end that, there 'still are some Gatekeepers' - but that many of them are loosening the reigns more and more.

That's really all that's been happening.

Many people will tell you that slavery simply morphed into modern day capitalism. The plantation became the corporations that now, run most of the industries in America, which we all work for.  They pay us just enough not to quit; while we work just hard enough not to get fired. That's one of the main reasons many of us turn to Network Marketing and Entrepreneurship - we want to break 'free' from the system. The only problem most of us come to find out is, even network marketing is 'part of the system' - where we keep each other in check.

Family, Friends, and that Stranger you met on a social network who tell you that you cannot make money like that, become the gatekeepers.

They won't support you, won't buy from you, but are standing in line to buy Jordans. They've never met Michael Jordan, Phil Knight, and don't even own Nike Stock.

So much of why this happens comes down to mindset. The ideas we get from our parents, and grandparents. It's the environments we grow up in, and all the influences around us in them.

So while there is a lot of GOOD in what Gary V has to say; even when he speaks on there being no Gatekeepers; we as black people in business often have to overcome the bad ideas that were put into our culture. Visit The Black folder to learn more about OUR story; and OUR path. You can also watch that awesome Video from Professor Devin, and so many more. Meanwhile, here's that Breakfast Club Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk now.



Updated our Roadside Opportunity Website

Many of you are looking for roadside opportunity information. Some are looking for the good reviews while others are in search of the bad! It has to be a scam afterall, how can they afford to pay anyone double per sign up?!? That was my question when I first saw this Roadside Opportunity several years ago. Then it was explained to me that when you and I sign up, paying $40 - we are paying for our First and Last bill. Also, in what 'may' be seen as a gotcha, the company will collect that $80 sign up bonus back from you, if a new customer decides not to keep the service before 3 months.  So basically, the money is paid out to you and I, because the company is banking on having that new customer for 12 months or more. They have been around for 80+ years, so it's all a part of doing business with their customer acquisition arm (that's you and me). The thing about it is, you or someone you know never knows when they'll need roadside assistance. So even if someone 'has it' through another competitor, they don't have the opportunity to get paid.

In business, you and I have to have the right attitude about these things.

I've met so many people who missed out on the opportunity to build big, solid incomes with this company all because they 'didn't like' the idea of chargebacks. A smart business person would simply hold onto that bonus for a few months, just to make sure 'if' a chargeback happens, it won't negatively impact them in any way. Smart business people plan for the ups And the downs of business.

Pros and Cons considered, it's one of the most solid income opportunities that we have seen in the last 20+ years.

As far as roadside opportunity goes, I'm not quite sure the competition measures up very well. Even though I have met people who are very committed to their versions of this opportunity. I'm one of the people who like to go with the original whenever it's possible. Are you that kind of person too?

Listen, we've updated our Roadside Opportunity Website.

A Roadside Opportunity Would Help This GuyA Roadside Opportunity Would Help This Guy

Check it out; it's all about the basics - we provide roadside assistance to people who may need it some day, and we get paid very well to do it.

We're doing all of this, along side a company that's been around doing it for almost a century. Unlike the come and go opportunities we see so often, this one has been around.

Through Topnetworkersgroup, we placed this roadside opportunity on our $50 level. We figure that if you're alright with running a business for as little as $50 per month, you should be able to GROW a successful business here. If you'll keep your task simple and look for just 5 people to partner up with you. Doing the math, that's a quick $400 you would make out the gate. Now if you'll spend your time helping your 5 people make $400 each; you're going to be off to a great start!

You'll have 5 business partners who are already making money with this roadside opportunity.  You'll also have plenty of people to help duplicate your results. At it's core, that is what this business model is about. We are here to help one another succeed. We do this, by providing our people with Tools and Training on how to use those tools, So hat they will be successful.

Here on this team, we absolutely recommend Blogging; using our GDI $10 level opportunity to start sharing your experiences building your Roadside Assistance Team!

IF we do it right, we can start taking the money we earn and provide even MORE opportunities for the people who will be filling out the lower levels of our organization.  Because in this kind of business model, the people at the top are only as solid as the foundation.  Take time to learn more about our approach to this business model. Join with us in helping more people make more money in this industry. We believe that this and other opportunities are the perfect programs to help us accomplish our goals. You are invited to be part of our journey!

Read more from us:



Solutions to Our Economic Challenges

One of the reasons I blog on the GDI platform is because I see it as one of several Solutions to our Economic Challenges.

For just $10/mo, you get a domain name, and you also get a WordPress blog, a Drupal, a Forum (Discussion Board), and if you have enough Hunger to learn how to use each of these tools to generate income for yourself, you'll be more than happy about your investment. When you consider that you also get paid to share this solid business with others, you will earn an ongoing % of their business 'affiliate' organization; but also can team up With them and work together to make money in additional businesses - the skies begin to clear.

This is a bargain.

As it comes to solutions to our economic challenges, having a low start up and maintenance fee makes this a great investment. When we consider how long they've been in business, once again it makes this already great looking investment even better looking. To anyone who's ever fallen for a scam, and lost large amounts of money, the risk here is very low. However when we consider all that we're getting, how long this company has been operating, and all of the things we can do with these tools - the risk becomes minimal.

In other words it's a risk we can all afford to take.

solutions to economic challenges involve risk and reward

It's a risk, and an investment of our time that has nothing but upside, and pay off.

When we consider that so many of us fall into several economic categories, something like this has that Unifying factor that other 'solutions' are lacking.

Plus, when we consider the Educational Opportunity that is waiting for all who sign up - again - the payoff can be Immense!

Imagine more and more of Our people taking the 'time' to learn SEO simply because they now have a blog, a forum, and a Social Network via Drupal; and they also learn about the power of Networks; especially Blogging Networks. A true blogging network is simply a collection of bloggers who's sites end up linking to each other. One blogger may write about the ups of home business and another one will write about the downs. Both bloggers will link to each other and a 3rd blogger will write about the differences between home businesses and traditional franchising, and will link to both blog articles in his/her article. The end result is the people who decide to work together in these 'blogging networks' - end up pulling in tons of traffic and are truly the ones benefiting from the internet right now.

Everyone else is still trying to figure out how to benefit.... from the internet right now.

So in a way, this and several other solutions to our economic challenges still come down to us working together, in teams, as a group. Getting to a point where we understand that individual gains do not matter if the group is not gaining too. Rather than thinking of that old crabs in the barrel example (which, is very real) - we do need to consider how the crabs got in the barrel in the first place, and see what we can do to bust that barrel open.........


Rather than just talk about 'the problems' that exist in this barrel - let us not lose sight of the Solutions.

Solutions to our economic challenges are all around us - but so often our eyes are on the obstacles that we'll face to accomplish the goal.

That's always a big waste of time.

Let's look at more Solutions to our Economic Challenges - Feel free to Check out and USE this sales/marketing funnel to promote the GDI (Global Domains International) Opportunity - that THIS very blog is hosted by; as you can see this is the Domain - and if you are a member of OUR team, we absolutely recommend that you set up your OWN .WS today; and use your domain name to send traffic to our One MLM System - which is all about teamwork, unity, working together, you know ... solutions to our economic challenges.


Racially Insensitive Business Parnters

I wouldn't want business partners who are racially insensitive.

I try to deal with where I'm at locally before getting too caught up in the world - but those who refuse to pay attention to the problems at home are usually the first ones to bring up other problems in other areas of the world. We cannot fix the outer until we fix the inner though. This is true when it comes to personal development, or self improvement. This is true when it comes to the world. In order to really solve the problems of man kind around the world, this nation has to get itself together. With so much happening on the political fronts - and in our very streets at the hands of the Police, we are seeing more and more Racially Insensitive comments flying out of the mouths of people all over social media.

This is why we created The Black Folder.

It's needed. The education that is in that folder is going to do nothing but solve problems linked to Racially Insensitive people.  Because racism is 'an education' that most racists get at home. They are raised by people who have 'certain views' about other races. Usually those parents have a 'circle of friends' who all share those views. They all raise their children with these views. They send their kids to the same schools, and those kids begin to grow up sharing that 'social circle' with similar ideas and views, about other races.

This divisive reality dates back centuries, and is part of the problem we Americans refuse to tackle.

It creates racially insensitive people who often speak out of ignorance, about others.  Many are ignorant about their own advantages in this society which was set up to give them those advantages. Because so many of them rarely venture out side of that 'social circle' I spoke of, it creates a 'social bubble' which is full of advantages for those inside that bubble. But, those advantages are seldom extended to those, outside of that bubble.

This is why the 1mlmsystem combines FREE opportunities with Affordable Opportunities; and asks our team members to focus on building the network; not the 'programs' - because that's the only way to overcome the obstacles that so many business men and women of color face.  (A Black Business Network To Distribute Wealth Is Step One)

Network marketing is about relationships, and many black people just do not have relationships with white people.  Many blacks who've done well, or who's parents have done well, and as a result are not living around blacks; and are included in that social bubble I spoke about, are often unable to get full access to all those benefits and advantages. At the same time, to stay in that bubble, many choose not to build any sort of relationships with other blacks, who are not part of that 'exclusive' club.

The only time these black people Do come 'to the hood' - is to sell an opportunity that's going to cost $500, and that's before they've made any money.

These black people are often talking 'just like the white people they hang around' - in a racially insensitive way, about their own people. They say things like, blacks have a poverty mindset. They say that blacks are unwilling to invest, that black people are lazy and want things handed to them. While none of these statements are actually true, what 'is' true is often over looked. That our society works hard to engineer a 'certain mindset'.

So much of the talk on police brutality is met with, 'look at all the black on black violence though!' ...

Even though the two are not related, no one really wants to look into what's causing violence in urban areas. No one wants to really deal with the problem, or even seek solutions to those problems. This often includes people of color who've 'made it'. Why should they bother to help anyone else anyways? They have their 'own problems' .... We've lost our Connection to one another.

We are really pretending that Income Inequality doesn't have Impact on People ....

Racially Insensitive People Overlook Inequality


Education however, can open the doors to racially insensitive people - helping them to realize that some people actually do have a tougher road to travel. The education which is so severely lacking in many of these urban areas, could lead to reducing the crime in these areas. It's not that people in these cities do not want more, it's not that they need hand outs; There is inequality. The same after school programs you'll find in white neighborhoods are non-existent in the black ones.

Those choosing to 'not see color' only add to the problem.

While ignoring what is actually happening and pretending No inequality exists. Pretending that inequality does not have ripple effects throughout society; and choosing the believe the fairy tale, that it's not impacting us all differently, along the lines of race. I call these people racially insensitive. Their commentary, their remarks, and their ideas are all, under educated, or mis-educated.

Here's a great video on Connectedness - which speaks to so many of the 'other things' I'm getting at here. We have to find ways to come back together.

Technology gives us the chance to educate or entertain ourselves. Let's choose wisely -

... that being said, Access to Technology is even pretty unequal right now - but with it, we all have an opportunity to increase our knowledge. If we choose to that is. You can either look at The Black Folder in a racially insensitive way, declare that you have nothing to learn (but everything to teach) - or you can use this as a chance to learn more; and to share more knowledge with others. Do you really know about the efforts made to criminalize the black panther party, who actually were working to help black people Lift themselves up out of poverty. They were restoring pride to black people. They were feeding black people and creating programs to help struggling mothers (WIC). This awesome 'organization' was dismantled by the U.S. Government, and the after effects have been devastating to black people.

If you're color blind, uneducated about this, or simply racially insensitive, you'll talk about the violence in the black community, without any idea of how 'involved' the FBI and CIA have been in that dysfunction.

Meanwhile, the KKK - a known terrorist organization, is allowed to operate in the United States, without interruption. Their hate speech is protected - and respected. Much of their rhetoric has made it's way into the political landscape. You'll see people all over social media saying they want their country 'back'. They want to deport anyone who isn't white. They want to make America 'Great Again' ... and anyone black who dares call this kind of talk racist, is quickly attacked, accused, and labeled As the real racist one.

All of this stems from being racially insensitive.

It stems from being racially unaware - from being oblivious - Willingly ignorant.

And, I don't want business partners like that. Would you? (especially if you were in My shoes??)

I don't want to make 'business moves' with people who are socially ignorant.

I don't really want to hold meetings, or take phone calls, or exchange emails, with anyone who's not 'aware' of the bigger picture.

None of us join network marketing, just to stay in a network marketing company for life. Most of us have bigger goals. We want to take our money from one thing, and invest it into something else, something bigger, something "We own".  Yet how do we get there when everyone's on a different page? (The answer is, we do not...) 

I want to make money with people who'll want to give back to the hurting communities of this nation.

I'd like to make money with people who want to offer real ways for people to make money, while getting a better 'education' than they'll find in 'a MLM company'. Most of these companies are really good, but the 'cost' factor does work as a way to keep certain people out. Rather than extending the invitation to help people really get better, who want to get better. Rather than giving people a real way to afford a $500 opportunity, people are looking over and past those who 'really' are not ready for that 'level of investment'.  If you're thinking about working with me, or my team, please know that this is what we are about.

We want to make things better, and you're invited to be part of that movement.

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