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John Oliver Brings MLM Into the Spotlight

It is fair to say that John Oliver just brought MLM Into the Spotlight on his show Last Week Tonight.

I wrote about it as soon as I could and even put some of my initial thoughts on Video, after seeing the show as it's actually one of my favorites. John Oliver absolutely ripped the industry a new arse, and I cannot say it wasn't well deserved. I've been blogging, and vlogging, and talking with people about the issues our industry has for several years now. It is very unfortunate that this is 'how' John chose to bring MLM Into the Spotlight, but I understand his motives.

People are being 'harmed' by the industry, that has gotten too big to be this unregulated. That's not what we want though. Already the FTC has made statements as recently as last week, regarding new rules that are coming. This means that more companies are going to fall under scrutiny, and it's quite possible that several companies WILL Be shut down in 2017.

Throwing MLM Into the spotlight in such a negative way is bringing out all of the people who've never made money in network marketing. This group especially includes people who never read a book on the industry, or went to any training. I was listening to people give testimonies of losing several thousands of dollars in Herbalife. To be honest, they were foolish to spend that much money in the first place. Each MLM company has a website where people can and should READ about the company they are joining.

That way, some one in the company cannot just tell you to do something and you do it, because they said so.

While bringing MLM Into the Spotlight, the Employee Mentality is still in the darkness.

That kind of mentality (of doing what others tell you to do) comes from being an Employee. As an Employee, you will NEVER reach the TOP of your place of employment. Your job, is the Real Pyramid Scheme where the people at the top make all the money, and you simply get shat upon.

The Real Pyramid Scheme is Your Job

The 'cleaner version' -  of the 'above photo' is below. I like both though as it shows you the reality of the world we live in. The pyramid structure isn't the problem. There are other problems that need to be addressed and for those of us within network marketing, we are the ones who should be addressing them. We want big name people bringing MLM into the spotlight but, not like this!

Again, THIS is the real pyramid. The structure you are seeing is what keeps 1% of our nation Wealthy, while the 99% are struggling to get by. For some reason we are okay with this as we continue to consume products from companies that use this Old Corporate model. MOST of the money we spend goes to the TOP; and not to the Employees. Your average MLM company is not generating the kind of Sales that let's say, Nike generates. So what is the 'real pyramid scheme' again??

MLM Into the Spotlight real pyramid scheme #thisisapyramidscheme - Your job, and the way corporate America keeps us all financially enslaved

Corporate America has us Enslaved.

The truth is, that MLM is a way to change our entire system but several people running these companies are greedy. They are not thinking about the people in the field.  This mentality has unfortunately duplicated itself into the top earners, who also do not care about the people in the field. This has resulted in an industry that is out of control.  It is almost no longer following the fundamentals that helped this way of making money become as popular as it is today.

Still, not enough people are making money. With too many companies it divides our industry, and weakens our position as networkers. We cannot demand companies pay us more money, when our networks are constantly breaking apart.

Through our One MLM system To rule them all; we are training OUR team to approach network marketing better. We are showing our team a way to truly change HOW we earn income, and actually work towards a future where WE are being paid MORE by the companies we represent.

The MLM business model is not a pyramid scheme.

However, any schemer or scammer can use any business model to get 'over' on people who refuse to Educate themselves.

So in all your 'getting' - GET an education on network marketing.

Start with our MLM Bookstore.  Pick up and read ALL of these books, before you call this industry a Pyramid Scheme.

Keep in mind, John Oliver is a comedian. Those were jokes.....

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