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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill in The Black Folder

Now playing at The Black Folder - Dr. Marc Lamont Hill giving a powerful lecture at Columbia University in November of 2011.


He talks for about 40 minutes about so many relevant things to those of us seeking to be successful in a society that has several challenges. The people you and I want to free from the matrix are caught up in this society. The society, divides people along several lines. We are divided by Race, Politics, and also Economics ... which often is related to the first two.

This conversation that Marc Lamont Hill has is note worthy as he discusses America's Promise. Are we really a great nation? Was this nation ever great?

"As Americans, we all want to live in a nation as good as its promise" - Tavis Smiley

---- Click here to Watch Dr. Marc Lamont Hill on Race, Politics and American Life @ The Black Folder -----

Why does America refuse to come to terms with history?

That is the question asked by Marc Lamont Hill in his powerful lecture given at Columbia University. It's true.  As I write this Donald Trump is running for President of the United States, and his motto is "I want to make America great again".

But when were we ever really great?

Great, for All people who are legal citizens of this land?

From some of my notes; We need more DEEP Listening; and also a DEEPER Sense of History.

They say that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat its mistakes. Mistakes are great teachers in life but they can only teach us when we admit that we made them. That's how we gain the experience so that the next time we find ourselves in the same position we make the right decision. So many problems we face today in America stem from not admitting fully to the mistakes of the past; nor even the mistakes that continue to happen in the present.

One of the reasons that The Black Folder exists in the first place is because there needs to be a conversation happening, within the black business arena. Most of us are well aware of the challenges we face that are unique to black business owners. So why wouldn't we seek to work together?

Well, there are so many reasons that explain why we are not.

The more we understand these reasons the less these experiences will frustrate us; as we work to improve our lot in life; and inspire others to do the same - Legally - without falling into the traps that America continues to set for our people. These are realities that we face, but others do not. Unfortunately because of our failure to have a Deeper sense of history; America seeks to censor black thought and black conversation.

Many of us have witnessed the push to silence the Black Lives Matter movement - but just last week, we 'remembered' September 11th; and the phrase "never forget" was mentioned by many. We'd never ask Jews to forget the Holocuast; but blacks are asked to GET over what happened to their ancestors; and to not think about how their grandparents were treated; To not consider the challenges their parents faced.... to ignore unfair treatment that so many of us experience.

So there is a real need to understand how Race, Politics, and American Life intersect with our desire to attain financial freedom.

Enjoy the conversation, as it's one we all need to have.

How does Race and Politics impact this time of Impressive Opportunity; abundant - and yet still So much Inequality?

Is a better world possible?

I certainly think it is.

What can we do, working together, to bring a better world into focus?

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