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A Black Business Network To Distribute Wealth Is Step One

Lots of my "Business Peers" frowned on #TheBlackFolder because they Asleep AF and think White folks in MLM really wanna build with them; Too FEW do; which is the whole problem; I've always met the 'few' and it was always a pleasure; but problems emerged as the 'relationship' extended further away from me; which is the very nature of MLM.  If you or I hope to earn large residual income checks we must grow a large 'customer base'.  This is why MLM exists in the first place, as it seeks to answer the business question, "What is the fastest way to get 1 Million Customers?"  Would you rather go out and get them by yourself, or would you rather get 100, and find 10 business partners to also get 100 of their own that you 'also' benefit from?

I know that does not add up to A Million, but that's besides the point. You will obviously have More customers if you, and 10 people 'work together' to acquire those customers than you would working alone.  This reality is true in all businesses.  One of our best 'examples' of this can be found on our "Turn 10 into $10,000 Sales Letter" :: which discusses the business network of Microsoft and several others. No one succeeds, in this world 'alone'. 

Business Network

Because everybody is raised differently ... and while a small % happened to have been reared correctly; by parents who taught them we are all human beings; Others had a different upbringing. it's just a fact.

So within that 'context' lives a reality that black people MUST build 'networks' together. ... Black Networks ..... Black Distribution Networks - and the 'cost' of building those networks 'cannot' be Expensive; meanwhile -- Members of these networks MUST be exposed to KNOWLEDGE; INFORMATION; EDUCATION - Because that's 'always' what MLM has 'really' been about;

Getting Paid to become better; Getting paid to Learn; to "grow" - to Develop into a business owner focused on changing their communities; beginning first with their homes and local environments; MLM is a "revolutionary business model" - but not all people 'see' it like I do.  That's okay with me, but I'm simply explaining it so we 'both have that understanding. 

We have to build 'a black business network' - #BeCarefulWhoYouFollow :: Those who choose not to follow me, Please understand I built the black folder; I understand the Psychological Challenges My people are Facing;

ESPECIALLY When it comes to "Doing business" with one another; or even, adopting an MLM model to create a Distribution network :: Something all Successful people have -- the Main Thing SLAVERY Sought to BREAK in OUR culture; 'bonds' -- Family Bonds ::: understand that when speaking to me about business please. We not all on the same level - unfortunately; that's just how the Game was designed to go; The 'designers' knew what outcomes would be; they built in the variables to manage the Odds ::: Also Unfortunately because the System is designed to train people to 'take offense' if someone dares claim they are "not on the same level' as they are; and I get it; SO often those claims are irrational ... they are.

They are not rooted in anything and so it's easy to confuse it; and Misunderstand; and think I'm talking about an "Inherent difference" -- which is silly; I put my pants on like anybody else does; but I've read a few books others have not read; and 'that' puts me on a different 'level in business' ... "mentally" ... than others ... Don't confuse that.

What I came to realize is, to 'build the team' I need; we all need to be ON that same level; that same page; literally we all gotta read the same books; so we have the same information; and can present a United Front of Knowledgeable Informed people; who Understand OUR people ........ Like really and truly .... Who 'also' Fully understand MLM -- in that it's a MODEL that can be used to FREE our people ... Like, literally .... but some 'levels of Understanding' can only be reached, AFTER one has passed through a Previous Level ....

That's why they make Video games like that folks; You gotta get past ONE boss; before you can SEE a BOSS on another level .............. Visit The Black Folder from #TNGForever

An 'oldie' from a few years back, that speaks to how I see the MLM business model, in today's 5th Wave. We have to focus on the business network, not what product or service we push through it. None of that even matters, without the business network in place.  "Our business partnership cannot be contingent on a company we do not own."

:: December 2018 MLM Industry Statement from TNG

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