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One MLM System To Rule Them All

One MLM System To Rule Them All!
Originally written in 2013, for - No longer in operation.

Business Training is offered by TopNetworkersGroup through our One MLM System - the One MLM System you need to finally make real money in Network Marketing. Not because the programs we've included in our MLM System are so much better than what else is 'out there' - but because our Approach to building is different.

One of the reasons we created an mlm system, is to help the people WE work with earn Multiple Streams of Income. We see nothing wrong with investing $100/mo into a network marketing business; However, we DO see a problem with tying up all that money in ONE network marketing Company.

Your network marketing business, is not limited to "a" company - You are the CEO of YOUR LLC - you may be a distributor within a company; but you're supposed to be building YOUR company within a company.

The problem most people in the mlm industry have is, they are not using any sort of mlm System. They do not have a systematic approach to signing up NEW distributors, or any kind of mlm system in place to Train the new distributors they are signing up.

All successful networkers have some kind of mlm system.

Ours is an mlm System that allows you to take advantage of network marketing rather than being taken advantage of by Network Marketing. Most 'top money earners' may tell you about their mlm system that they use, but they fail to tell you how many companies they have been in, before finding success in the one they're in now. The more expensive the company, the more they dig in and tell you not to look at anything else.

We feel this is how you get taken advantage of. We wanted to educate networkers through OUR mlm system. We wanted to make sure that they knew HOW to sell multiple things; and not just ONE - mlm systems that fail to teach people this skill, in our opinion, are already Outdated. The industry is changing So rapidly and So fast.

In fact, Since we rolled out 1mlmsystem in 2012, People have been actually trying to COPY our idea, bundling several companies together into an mlm system, that allows people to make money in more than just One Place, with ONE mlm system, rather than Several.

It's a Smart Idea, I must admit.

However, most of these mlm systems allow you to be Leap Frogged by the people you refer. So you buy in at the Low level, and then become 'afraid' to promote that mlm system because others may Pass You By. That's not the case with our system. Also, Our one mlm system will allow members to offer "additional programs" - once they reach a certain level with our team.

*edit* I was able to offer the awesome business training found in LevelOneNetwork -

I have an mlm system to help people make money now; and a business training system to teach people how to PULL in serious Traffic. Thanks to what *edit* I've learned in LevelOne, the 1mlmsystem became even more awesome than it already was.

I had some thoughts that I recently shared on my Facebook, concerning updates to our system - Updates to improve our ability to help YOU make real money.  And if you'd like to learn MORE about our One MLM System to rule them all..... Click on the Most Interesting "networker" in the world.

The Most Interesting Networker In The World

Yall Really Don't KNOW how EASY yall have it these days........... And Yall are out here STRUGGLING!

This don't make no SENSE........... so, we put together 1mlmsystem - but even I will admit, due to the Climate of the Industry, we really do need to K.I.S.S. (some of yall got that..... )

Thanks for reading, about the One MLM System you'll need to make the kind of money you want to make; Get the kind of business training required to make long term money. Use One Mlm System, to make money in several places, while using ONE MLM system to build your entire organization.

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Take this seriously folks - It absolutely matters - Having an MLM System vs NOT having an MLM System is always Going to GET you the Right Results. Those who USE an MLM System create massive success in our industry. Those who do NOT use an mlm system - do not.

Read MOREWhat Is Your Network Marketing Mlm System

And Also Business Training on Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing - Get signed up for our MLM System, designed to teach you How To Build A Team, by inviting you to Become Part of our Team, with TopNetworkersGroup!


Originally written for a blog training platform that is No longer in business - archived here -


Business Training On Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing

Let's get into Affiliate Marketing vs. Network Marketing (From our LevelOneNetwork blog, written in 2013)

The first thing to discuss is whether or not they are different in the first place. I do not want to confuse anyone here, the two are actually part of the same business model. That business model is known as multi-level-marketing.  Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are actually cousins.

When approached right, these are two very powerful ways to earn income. The key to approaching these right really comes down to using a system for leverage. All successful people use systems, to avoid the burn out that comes from having to do it all by yourself.  In Affiliate Marketing, often times an affiliate will need to develop their own system.

Generally speaking most affiliate programs are set up by companies that want help increasing sales, but do not want to train a sales force. They're hoping to entice people who've already got experience promoting, and marketing products, or services.

This is perhaps the only real difference that you'll find.

When it comes to most networking companies; the entire company usually is created around a system. Having a system allows each one, to teach one. Duplication is really the key to success, in any business where as many people think the key is to reinvent the wheel. With Network (MLM) Marketing (companies) you are given a turnkey business in a box, and all you literally need to do is follow the directions.

By doing this, it becomes simple for other people to follow the example. When networkers fail to do this, they end up having to build their organizations over, and over again. That requires a lot of energy, faith and belief which frankly, most just do not have. If you're lucky enough to find an affiliate program with a system that makes it easy for other affiliates to duplicate; that program will be much easier to earn income in - than the one that doesn't.

This was one of the motivating reasons that drove us, at TopNetworkersGroup, to build the One MLM System to Rule them all - realizing that there are some very good Affiliate Marketing programs in our industry that just do not have the support in place - or a good mlm system that can be duplicated.

affiliate marketing training the right way

We've already made training videos that explain the small differences between Affiliate Marketing and Network marketing, as well as additional training that we're now making available for the public - (Free MLM Business Training from TNG here) - and yet several people in our industry still do not understand these subtle differences, and how each can be used to create true, financial freedom.

We hope to help spread the awareness.

And, if you'd like to, you can help.

Affiliate Marketing generally aims their products or services at Marketers. It's the same model as any MLM Company, where you'll earn money from the sales you and each 'level' of your organization generate. However the focus is usually more on sales to others who will use the product. With most networking programs, being effective at sharing the information is always the biggest key.

Most affiliate marketing products are very Niche Specific. They often do not have mass appeal, although you'll always find a few exceptions to Every single rule. Using a good mlm system will help you attract other affiliates, who have an interest in making money - while using the product or service offered by the affiliate marketing program.

If you show it to enough people, the right ones will see it.

So the goal of our system is to teach you how to find the right ones to show a business to.

(The above is re-purposed content from a blogging platform that went out of business, but featured TNG content)

Check out how we combine Affiliate marketing with network Marketing; under the roof of ONE System, for all.