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Why Systems Matter: Where WakeUpnow and MCA Leaders went Wrong

Let's talk about why systems matter for a few moments.

Way back in maybe, 2012 or so the network marketing industry was seeing a 'rise' of a new leadership team through the MCA opportunity. This is the roadside assistance income-based opportunity through TVCMatrix - that has been around for over 26 years; as a marketing arm for the 83+ year old company (MCA). That was a mouthful. But it's important to understand that distinction as well.

MCA Chose 'network marketing' to build their customer bases, after decades in business.

The TVCMatrix was their system, basically. It's an early introduction to why systems matter. They've always mattered in business. Robert Kiyosaki famously breaks this down in his book the Cashflow Quadrant (available at our 1mlmsystem bookstore). Business Owners (in the B quadrant) use systems. Systems matter because they provide leverage. For MCA, this allowed them to get rid of customer sales reps, and save money paying employees commissions to man the phones, or comb the yellow pages. Now, using a 'marketing arm' that pays based on performance, MCA has been able to continue doing business, in a pretty challenging marketplace, dominated by Automobile Club.

This is not about MCA though. It's about why Systems Matter. This is about a young team that 'rose up' primarily through the income opportunity provided by MCA. They leveraged a pretty massive team that they built in 'one opportunity' for, WakeUpNow. In other words ... they spent about a year building a pretty big 'network' in one company; then moved them over to another.

This is very common, and it's unfortunately what has harmed far too many network marketers.

This is why systems matter.

(Something similar happened with the UOP Leaders as well; when they were terminated from one opportunity, then asked their network to follow them into TLC - and what's crazy is UOP 'has systems' but, they were not set up Like OUR System; which keeps the 'future' in mind; and keeps the best interests of The Group in mind, at all times.)

I ran across a 'post' on IG ....

Lessons to be Learned (Why Systems Matter)

  • This is very important because it illustrates an important point. "Some" of the people who followed their MCA leaders into WakeUpNow decided to hang onto their MCA business. This was very smart for all who did. As we all know, WakeUpNow is No longer in business. This IG post is from 2014 - 2 years later MCA is still rocking; WakeUpNow is has almost been forgotten.
  • Leaders of WakeUpNow got sucked into the concept of 'going all in for A company'. They split their 'ties' with MCA.
  • Having no 'real system' in place to keep their MCA downline together, turned problematic when they 'added Wakeupnow' to the plate. Distributors (broke up their networks) leaving their MCA Sponsor's. No System was in place to keep the network aligned.
  • WakeUpNow crashed and burned; Smart marketers like this one are 'probably' Still earning money from MCA to this day; While those who put all their eggs into the WUN-basket; are mad at their shopping carts; because they got stuck with a lot of Thunder ....

I'm not throwing jabs.

I'm talking real business. When we set up our One MLM System 'to rule them all" at - and launched in 2012, I had already been through these things before. I know what happens when teams 'add' opportunities and do not make sure to keep the 'network' together. I know that too many times, people become Top income earners in the industry, only to end up No longer at the top when 'something changes' .....

We have to make our incomes MORE stable.

Our system is that solution. We put the focus on the industries and not on the companies. Our 1mlmsystem is designed to build a stable income for all who work with us.

We are just looking for the right people to help LEAD our team.

Are you 'The One' we are looking for?

I guess we'll find out.



TNG and The Fantasy Sports Industry

TNG and The Fantasy Sports Industry.

We've been involved with the fantasy sports industry for over a year now. I personally have played fantasy sports since 2001 and the industry has absolutely come a long way since then. It's gone from a place that had nothing but season long commitments to Daily competitions. It's become an industry where, thanks to the internet, placing bets is now seamless. So rather than just playing for bragging rights with a friend, or even a stranger on an internet fantasy site; you can play for coin.

That is why the fantasy sports industry is becoming so attractive. It's drawing enough attention to where business people like you and I have a real opportunity to get involved and benefit from what's happening. However, we have to be careful about which opportunities we align ourselves with. Following people into a business because they've made money in network marketing does not mean they know where money is being made in fantasy sports.

Like any industry, the fantasy sports industry is full of companies that want a piece of the pie. As is usually the case, we work 'with' these companies, help them grow, and WE get a piece of that pie along with them. The bigger the slice we're able to help them carve out, the more we all eat. Hopefully if you're reading this you already understand this. Just in case you don't, i hope that analogy helps. Network Marketing is one of those industries that has a bad reputation. A lot of people have failed to make money here. There are a lot of reasons for that.

Those reasons however, have little or nothing to do with whether or not you can make money in the fantasy sports industry.

First and foremost, you can make money on the games. Simply by participating there is a real chance that you can win money. To be totally transparent there is also a chance you can lose money too. The very same way many of us are playing with friends and family now, we can do the same thing with these new platforms that allow us to 'share in the wealth'.

  • We Recommend putting yourself on a Budget.
  • Do not spend 'over' a certain amount each month.

Meanwhile, if you refer a handful of people, to play along with you and others. Together you can all actually generate some significant earnings from playing fantasy sports.

*At this time, we Do Not recommend United Games - read TNG's Review now.

Take a look at these FREE reports on the Fantasy Sports Industry Right now! Learn the differences between Season long Fantasy leagues, and the Daily sports leagues.  Learn the risks that are involved, and make sure you are networking with people who understand what's going on. I play, I watch sports, I hang out with people who do the same. You'll get free information on our email list when you sign up to get that report. Thanks for stopping by!

Fantasy Sports Industry Keeps Growing (TNG Reports)

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