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Networking For Black People

Networking for Black People by TNG

I was watching a Documentary (Streets of Compton) where a brotha (named Wacko) who admitted to playing a major role in distributing drugs; was now using those skills to run legitimate businesses. The 'distribution network' is the same concept; Yea someone is going to always be 'at the top' of that game; but the generals live well too; and depending on how tight and how loyal the network moves together; the better everyone involved lives;

For centuries; we as black people were 'kept from' tapping into legitimate networks with monetary barriers; we'd all own a Subway Franchise, a Five Guys, A McDonalds, a Chipotle, a Jersey Mike's, if we all had Franchise Owner Money - but that's what I've always 'loved' about the network marketing model. It's Franchise-like Opportunity without franchise-size Investment.

Instead of moving products that the 'enemy of our people' have deemed illegal; for the purpose of targeting us for their Prison Industrial Complex - we can Instead Move Solar Power; For example --- People are getting it; and you could play a major role in helping homes in your City and surrounding neighborhoods get Solar Power In their Homes --- you can even get paid in other areas of the nation, by using 'social media' to find people who are looking for what you have. Together we can make money selling Websites; Teaching one another Internet Marketing Skills; Teaching one another Blogging - and using those skills - again - to distribute products, information, services - or whatever we'd like.

And we can keep it all legal too.

Networking For Black People - Wacko former Piru member
Former Piru leader talks about how networking for black people is a legal alternative to the lifestyle so many inner city youth are caught in

It's what we call ... a God Send (when God sends something) - problem is; Far too many of my people have a poor concept of God; which 'to be real with it' - stems from Our slave culture; where a different 'understanding' of God was forced upon us; by a people who Also, do not understand nor appreciate God - again; To be real with it....

I watched a video today where 2 white girls were 'hanging out' with their Indian Friend Saraa; Or as the white girl described it; her two friends - One 'regular one' and the other was 'Indian' ... and they sat there and Grilled her on her Hindu beliefs; telling her she was going to Hell; and if she did not convert to Christianity - aka The Right religion - that it was the wrong decision and they maybe, couldn't be friends ......... I was blown away watching it because of how rude, and ignorant it was; but also how hateful; and not only that - how entitled it was. the idea that 'their God is better' --- is a misunderstanding of God.

God is here for all. Not some.

But I didn't intend to preach so I'm not getting into that - Just that a lot of people have a misunderstanding; and aren't really Seeking understanding; but are instead just putting on a show; performing a ritual; Fitting In to a Social Circle (a big one) - for the sake of appearances; and yet those who "truly" understand God, realize that He allows all things to happen; EVEN and Especially The bad; because the BAD is actually what moves the GOOD into action.

Which brings me back to Networking for black people .... 

I was first introduced to mlm in 1999 - and want to give a Special Salute to all of the Black Men and Women who set the example for me; Long before I entered the playing field; and who've done an excellent job in representing 'what is possible for us' - through this FORM OF business ----- The reality is; You can still do your own thing; you can sell real Estate; Invest in stocks; You can sell products online directly to consumers; and we can still Partner up and create Networks to distribute even more products than we could 'on our own' ---- and they can't Burn Down Our Buildings this time .............

The Black Folder was put together to promote Networking for black people. This is not to say we don't want to network with others however, we do need to place emphasis on building our selves up. Others are more than welcome to participate but, most won't want to.  Generally others are seeking to 'get paid' from our efforts rather than contributing to our incomes. They, historically seek to benefit from us, rather than benefit with us. This is why networking for black people needs to become a focus of ours. We need to think about how we can enrich one another.

I promise you no one else is considering that.

In fact many are still plotting against us. We have to build ourselves up again; and make one another strong!

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