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Social Network Marketing That Pays

How Interested are you in Social Network Marketing That Pays?

Where on a scale of 1-10 would you rate your level of interest at when it comes to social network marketing?

Do you even know what this means?


The vast majority of network marketers I've met in the past 5 years have no 'real' idea of what social networking actually entails. The majority of people just think this is a numbers game. So they are steadily going through people like numbers, and failing to do the ONE Thing that they should be doing with all these huge numbers of people...

It's really simple and it's hiding in plain sight. People using social networking sites, and especially those of you who should be spending your time ON these sites engaged in Social Network Marketing; simply forget how important it is to be social. As I said it's hiding in plain sight. It's right under most people's noses.

Let's break Social Network Marketing down Further

In a recent report that focuses on the present and future of social network marketing examines just about all aspects of this Growing industry. That's right, this Is an industry all by itself and with over 800 social networks to choose from it's important to know what you are doing. First and foremost, please understand that the idea of Social Network Marketing stems almost directly from Word of Mouth Marketing; this has been one of the most effective methods of moving a product from the warehouse to the consumers doorstep. When someone we know talks positively about a product, a service, a vacation, or any experience - it increases the likelihood of us spending our money on that same experience.

Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, TSU, Pinterest, Instagram and several others, Marketing has found a whole new pond to swim in. Most people are constantly talking about what they love, what they hate, and it's prime pickings for agencies which practice social network marketing to figure out what and who to advertise to. But it's important to understand that we are talking about a diverse industry with big time, and small time players in it.

When we come to understand just how much money is being generated from Social Networks; That's when we'll start to truly embrace using a Social Network That Pays us to post our thoughts; on the various brands we like or don't like. Because that's truly what's driving MOST of the money, in the big time players arena.  Network Marketers on the other hand fall into the small time players category. That's nothing to be ashamed of though.

A savvy network marketer SHOULD be using the power of these social networking mediums to grow their lists of contacts; and build strong relationships with people who can potentially become powerful business partners.  Opportunity is literally all around us, but do we recognize it when we see it?  Do we really and truly take advantage of opportunity when it's presented to us??

Something to think about.

Back to how Social Network Marketing can Pay You...

If you know what you are doing, socializing can pay off. Most people view socializing as a waste of time; The truth is time is only wasted, when we waste it.

Essentially, the 'small time players' need to pay closer attention to what the big time players are doing on social networking sites. The big time players are gathering information on all the people using social networking sites. Then they know who likes expensive stuff, who likes to save money, and who's some where in between. How well do YOU as a network marketer KNOW the people you are 'networking' with?  Do you spend any time at all reading what they post on their pages? OR do you only use social networks to talk about your self?

One of those activities = Socializing.

The other one, is not.

In Social Networking For Money (A Free Training from TopNetworkersGroup) I go over the 5 Things you should be doing on social networking sites!


Basically, if you aren't DOING these things, you're not going to be making much money with your network marketing business. You're also going to fail at taking advantage of the huge opportunity that presents itself to you via the awesome and dynamic platforms, that we call social networking sites. The report cited states a prediction that these sites will grow 20.11% between now, and 2019. In other words, this is a trend, that isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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Blacks Who Question Blacks Doing Business With Blacks

I'm going to share some thoughts from some Social Media Posts below, and then of course ... More thoughts on Blacks who Question blacks doing business with blacks, below.

I happened to stumble across the blog; and didn't like how the dude was calling into question whether or NOT black people should Seek to Do business with one another. This always bothers me, when black people do this especially because, No one questions Asians, Jews, Or Any Other Ethnic Group that Primarily Does business WITH one another. To top it off, the person was also talking directly about me; showing full lack of respect or gratitude, for all the help I had given him; I mean .... That was the tone a few weeks ago; That I changed his whole view of MLM - that He was excited about MLM again - that Tone went from 100 to 0 real quick, when I didn't approve of language he was using in an e-book, concerning MLM.

So, for the guy to go 'further' and call into question whether or not black people doing business with black people is a Feasible approach or not; absolutely proved what I had to say about the guy before; It also explains the hesitancy to go full blast with allegiance to a team and a platform that he himself did NOT believe in. Like so many black people in America, he is so concerned with being to get money from Other ethnic groups, that he fails to see how rare it is for blacks to get money FROM other ethnic groups.

... For whatever the reason or reasons may be.

Perhaps, it ultimately has nothing to do at all with a hate, or dislike for black people; and it's just a matter of supporting their OWN people so much that there is no real 'need' to go outside of their own community - which is absolutely okay to do in My opinion; In fact; it's the same opinion shared by Dr. Claud Anderson; and he's been talking about THAT idea, for far longer than I have; its smart. it's Intelligent for black people to DO business primarily WITH black people.

(Dr Claud Anderson says Blacks will Go extinct if black people doing business with black people does NOT become our reality soon! - Might already be Too Late)

It does not matter that all money is green.

It doesn't matter that OTHER groups have 'more' money because in reality it's only Perception; and not Reality; Black people, studies show, collectively own and control Trillions of Dollars; BUT we habitually GIVE that money away TO other ethnic groups; You see; If We simply had the good sense to KEEP That money in OUR community; WE would increase OUR individual incomes to the point where OTHER groups would be MORE than willing to do business with us; Because we'd naturally end up owning and controlling entire Industries; that others would want to get a piece of as well.

‪#‎Vision‬ ..........Can you SEE that far down the line though?

If you cannot; then You're going to call into question the WHOLE idea of black people doing business with black people, in the first place. Because you don't have the VISION To see long term, where this will go.

As they say............ Those who say it cannot be done (the dude I went IN on this morning....) should NOT interrupt those of us DOING it.

So to 'sorta explain' what happened ... here's a video.

(Update 2/3/2016 - This video was set to Private; because while I encourage blacks doing business with blacks, I ultimately am against blacks taking each other down; My point was made; Those who saw it saw it. Time to move on ...)

I've spoken about The black folder several times, especially here on our GDI Blog - and the reality of it is, we never at any point in time suggest that OTHER races cannot work with our team. The folder is just a folder; it's a part of our system not the entire system. Another folder in our system is The Matrix "Free Your Mind" Presentation. To suggest that Our Team is ONLY For black people as as silly as to suggest our team is ONLY For fans of the Matrix; because we have a folder that deals WITH that subject - in relation to network marketing and, revolutionary change.

It's a silly assertion to say this about Our Team; our Movement - but it clearly comes from a Silly black man, who is silly enough to think he knows more than he does.

What we're dealing with here, is a black man who works as a Teacher.

That means, more degrees than a thermometer; and as is usually the case - he thinks he's more intelligent than every black man walking the earth.

So in truth, he never viewed me as a Mentor; Instead, he just saw me as another black man to 'compare' himself to.

It's a dick measuring contest.

It's a Pissing Contest for those who want the cleaner version.

There's no real desire to work together; to appreciate each others' greatness.

It's a slave mentality, of the coon, the house negro who seeks to make himself look 'better' in the eyes of the White Master.

and It's a damn shame.

But it's part of the reality we're in folks!

All we can do is be aware of who is who, as we move through this plane.

Blacks who question blacks doing business with blacks are coons. They mean no good to our people. Coons are just hanging around to have something negative to say about our people. They pretend to know about our history, and may pretend to know about what happened to us. But any time they are tested to Actually DO business WITH black people they find some kind of excuse. Blacks doing business with one another is the answer we seek to so many of the questions we have.  It's the solution to so many of our problems as a 'community' within the USA.

The Coon says "All money is green" .....

The Conscious Hue-Man says "never put MONEY over People for that (love of money) is the ROOT of all Evil" ----

coons want to stop blacks doing business with blacks

MORE on why Blacks doing business with Black people IS the solution we're looking for.

Black Economics with RedPill and Mighty Sutek

Why People of Color Need To Be In Network Marketing

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  • *Updated November 19th, 2016 - The New Black Wall Street is Digital - Blacks doing business with blacks is a mentality that has been broken, but like anything can be rebuilt. It's absolutely a good idea to also do business with other ethnic groups. It's a better idea to circulate your dollars and create a larger group of empowered black business people to go into business negotiations with other ethnic groups. That's one of many results that would  come out of blacks doing business with blacks. We just have to learn from the mistakes of the past and watch out for the coons who seek to stand in our way. We cannot allow their fears to stop us from doing what is best, for today and future generations of black people. It is a proven fact that Blacks doing business with blacks will create better financial stability for black people.