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UOP Leaders Terminated from DSD

Earlier today I found out 2 top UOP Leaders Terminated from DSDomination made a recording of their conference call, explaining what happened to them. I'm going to share the full audio with you right now. There were several things said by these two leaders, that did not sit right with me. But one Main thing especially stood out!

That #TeamOverCompany comment at the end of that UOP call; It made me feel some type a way; because that's MY buzzword; and when I see fake leaders who have been talking up company over team; for more than a year - use My buzzword; when I know some of them are subscribed to my YouTube Channel; and I know I'm the only dude talking about that; It's a little bothersome.

I know that this sounds like insults to some people; but I cannot worry about that. I can only worry about honesty - and being honest; and being Truthful. That is my only concern.

I will not be following UOP into anything else.

I know there may be people who think some of my comments are Negative; Negative has to do with a persons Belief system; Not with whether you like what they had to say. A Negative person does not believe good is possible; They do not believe racism can end; They do not believe they can be successful; They don't believe others can succeed; Negative People have Negative Belief Systems.

You won't find me speaking on whether or not the leaders of UOP will make money;

They will make money.

But just as most of their people were struggling to make money (which they mentioned on the call) - their people will continue to struggle to make money; because it's the same people, with the same approach to MLM.

They're going to find something; Sell you on Focusing Only on That; and the people at the top will make money; The rest of you; will continue to do what people in MLM have been doing - for far too long; Not making a full time income.

Again; This is not negative; This is a fact; Go look it up. A very small % of people in MLM make a full time income; nevermind 'wealth' - and so how are we ever going to convince people working a Job; that MLM is a better way?

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I even made a video from July 2014 - Titled "Team Over Company"

So... What those 'leaders' said on that call Made me feel some type a way. The UOP Leaders Terminated from DSD have been making it about DSD for more than a year - and now that they've been terminated, they want to switch the message? I'm okay with learning - but where is the honesty? Where is the shout out to the Leader you GOT the idea from?

For those of you following fake leaders - You are not only hurting yourselves; you are hurting our industry - You are the reason we have Homeless Cats - because You won't watch the Presentation for the One MLM System; to see what we have been saying to leaders like the ones from UOP who got terminated; and so so many others; since 2012 when we rolled the system out. All because someone else has more influence with you - in his book, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership", John C. Maxwell said it best.

Leadership is Influence. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Not all 'leaders' are influencing people in a good direction for those people.

Just because someone has influence over you does not mean they have your best interest in mind.

If they cared about the people following them; The UOP Leaders terminated by DSD would've shared many of the insights they shared on that call; before being terminated by DSD.

Their revelations come off more as anger and resentment; while their usage of OUR SLOGAN comes off as Disingenuous - let along Disrespectful to the leader they got the idea and concept from in the first place.

Yet, sadly this is the MLM Industry; not because MLM is flawed.

People are flawed.

People do shady things;

People steal ideas and concepts; and slogans;

People copy other people and don't give those people props; because people are people.

.... and Dr. Bernard Lee, one of my early mentors in this industry; Told me and several others to always remember one thing about people. People are Crazy.

Anyone who works with Copies; instead of The Original - isn't sane.

But, if you're following someone who doesn't have your best interest in mind to begin with; anything can and will happen to you. Because.... leadership is influence afterall. Nothing more; nothing less.


Working With Leaders

I take pride in working with leaders primarily because I was fortunate enough to have had leaders work with me. Lots of lessons came my way early on - which taught me so many important lessons about working with leaders that will benefit others today.

Being a leader is not easy and it's even harder to lead other leaders. Leaders have minds of their own and that's what makes them leaders. Leaders don't just follow anybody and so, when you get a chance to lead other leaders it's truly an honor. You'll come to discover how true this is, when you find a few followers who have no desire to lead. They'll show up to everything you are doing, but they won't bring anyone else with them.

When you're in the network marketing field it's great to have people who support you. It's great to have people in your organization who will show up to everything. It's better when you have leaders in your organization, because those leaders will bring other people into the organization.

As the leader of leaders you have the difficult task telling people who don't like to be told what to do, what to do. You can only do this, if you are serious about continuing to work on yourself; while aiding in the personal growth and development of your leaders.

If you are, you're going to benefit greatly from what I'm about to share -

Early in my career a master teacher of this topic was shared with me. I found out he was a former Pastor and in books he covered his pastoral career. Leading in the church, has so many similarities to leading in Network Marketing. The people who join a church are not being paid to be there. So the type of leadership that is happening here, is known as Voluntary Leadership; which differs from Positional Leadership.

With Positional Leadership others must do as you say or else there are consequences. This is the case with a job and that describes most employee relationships with their bosses. With Voluntary Leadership you are leading people who volunteered. There isn't the same kind of leverage in this type of organization. The pastor's name I'm speaking of, whom I learned this lesson on Voluntary vs Positional Leadership - is none other than Dr. John C. Maxwell.

I read several of his books on this topic because while I felt I had leadership qualities, I wanted to be better.

I bought into the idea that we attract who we are; so in order to build a better organization with better leaders - I needed to be a better leader myself. This is an idea I share with the people I lead today. The Law of Attraction is more than a theory, and you'll come to find this is true should you embark on this journey of leadership too.

I have continued to work on myself and because of the many experiences I've had in this industry, working with leaders is a true joy. I love helping a leader get to a new level, and absolutely see myself as a lid lifting type of leader. I enjoy helping people believe in themselves more; I get excited about knowing a few words of advice may help someone onto a better more positive path. It's the kind of feeling money really cannot buy, and I hope you get a chance to experience it for yourself.

Here are a few FREE Resources that I share with my leaders; starting with yourself first.

When you are working with leaders, keep in mind that most of them are going to do what they want to do. So I also recommend reading this really great article over on - about becoming the kind of leader other leaders Want to follow. You actually have to be the kind of leader that speaks; and others listen - but to get to that point - it's going to take work!

Here's the great news ... you Can Do it!


A Plan For Success in Your MLM Business

Back in January of 2014 I was talking about A Plan For Success in WakeUpNow. It was a video on Building your MLM Business the way 'we' are teaching people to build it. You see I was hearing some rumors that WakeUpNow had financial troubles back when I filmed this video. I have several years of experience in business, not just MLM. So when the One MLM System was created it was entirely because of the experiences I've had - and the understanding that everyone in business MUST have a solid plan for success.

The teachers and mentors I had early in my career have helped me so much - They taught me how to prepare for the objections my prospects would have for me. So when I filmed this video back in January of 2014, I was talking about a real solution; that would help people then - and would help people going into the future. I also had already been dealing with the excuses people were making 'not' to get started. These excuses were not new to me. I experienced them time and time again in my very first company.

ACN  (my first company) was and still is $499 to join; but with WakeUpNow we were essentially talking about a business that costs $1,200 per year to run. Just as people often hit us with the "I don't have the money" excuse in ACN; people were still using it when it came to this opportunity. It's a common excuse people use when it comes to most income opportunities. You and I, as professionals need to understand that going in. We should be studying people - we should be about understanding people. If that's what we are about, then the things we are talking about - will make sense to you.

We have been talking about a plan for success.

This Plan would have helped many people in WakeUpNow who built teams and lost everything when wakeupnow closed down their MLM Operations.

The plan will help anyone in the MLM industry avoid the risk of losing everything. Any business can go out of business. As a professional you should always be prepared for just in case - because you never know what will happen. Even if you start your own company there is no guarantee that it will stand the tests of time.

Some of what I'm talking about now, is part of the advice I have for web design and business consultation clients; that they really need to consider scale. Growing a business is going to take time and the reason so many people get into MLM is they feel they can cut corners. They feel that they can get to their financial goal quicker here than in other places. It's possible for some, but not for most. Most people do not have strong enough relationships to pull that off. MLM is a people business. So when we put our focus on programs or companies, we are setting ourselves up for failure instead of success.


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5 Ways Group Economics Will Help Black America (Intro)

For several years now it has been known that group economics is the solution to a major problem facing black America. The poverty rate in the black community is higher than any other community. Without ignoring all of the troubles and problems created in the past, we thought it would be helpful to talk solutions.

Real solutions almost start and end with group economics.

There are several people out there talking about the ideas that they feel matter but, just as the bible states, money would answer most of the problems people of color face today.

So let's get into 5 Ways Group Economics will Help Black America

First, the proof that this will work for us.

Black America is behind almost every other ethnic community in the nation, when it comes to progress from a financial perspective. It’s hard to ignore the role that a lack of unity has played in the lack of financial success. Black people have to willingly participate in financially supporting black businesses. By not even considering where black dollars are being spent, far too much money leaves the black community. This is unique. Other ethnic groups (minorities) such as West Indians, Arabs, Asians and Jews are all evidence of the financial benefits of this approach.

The African American community is much larger than these groups (just over 40 million) - but do not consciously practice group economics. These other groups do.

Imagine what would happen to black America if let’s just say 10-25% began to practice group economics (roughly over 4 million people... ) - What Good Could They Do for the rest of the race?

By examining those other smaller minority groups we see that they are flourishing.

Many of them are still connected to their cultural roots – which African Americas have largely been disconnected from while living in this society. However, that too could lead to re-educating black people about their heritage, while self-funding that effort. This is after all what the other ethic groups do.

Group Economics allows an ethic group to Create their own infrastructure and institutions which will provide support to their race. This kind of movement would spur a feeling of pride to be part of the African American community; a sense of pride which was also taken away through slavery and years of propaganda through white owned media outlets. These negative images have negative impacts on people of color. Taking serious steps to economically empower each other will only lead to more positive images of black people in American society.

So far, I've already covered a few ways Group Economics will Help Black America.

  1. Help Restore a Sense of Pride That Was Taken
  2. Enable Black America to Support Themselves
  3. Create Positive Images of Black People In Society
  4. (not mentioned yet) Reduce The Crime Rate In Black America
  5. (and also) Legally Protect Black America from Racism

It is important to understand that 'racism' is systematic. Group Economics is actually the answer to protecting black people from the system; which was actually created to target and benefit from all the problems which stem from poverty.  Group Economics has been addressed by several leaders and intellectuals within the black community.

Dr. Claude Anderson on Group Economic Empowerment dr martin luther  king on group economics

Dr. Claude Anderson has spoken on this topic multiple times; and you can see his detailed thoughts in two different places. Listen to a shorter (to the point) blueprint of how to empower the black community, through group economics. You can also listen to a longer speech that he gave to a group of black business owners on economic empowerment a few years ago.

Listen to Dr. Martin Luther King speak on the need to practice Group Economics.

Stay tuned, as we are going to break down each of the 5 ways group economics will help black America. Taking on the poverty rate is one of our missions with TopNetworkersGroup. Thanks for stopping by, and check back soon for much more!